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8 Best Vintage Shops in Lisbon to Discover Retro Treasures

If you’re in Lisbon and love vintage shopping, you’re in for a treat. Lisbon has a thriving vintage scene, offering everything from classic Chanel pieces to unique, timeless finds. If exploring retro clothing, rare accessories, and nostalgic goodies excites you, this the vintage shops in Lisbon will be your paradise.

Looking for the best vintage shops in Lisbon? We have you covered with this ultimate list.

Let’s dive into eight of the best vintage shops in Lisbon so we can show you around our favorite ones. From chic and sophisticated to quirky and fun, these shops will make your vintage shopping spree unforgettable. We love that we can enjoy a guilt-free retail therapy session while supporting sustainable fashion!

Why should you check out vintage shops in Lisbon?

Besides getting stylish and distinct items, you’ll also support sustainable fashion and experience the local culture in a unique way. These stores offer not just clothes but also a glimpse into the past, making your shopping trip all the more interesting.

1) Retro City

Retro City is a must-visit vintage shop in Lisbon is you’re on the hunt for those hard to track items from different eras. Walking in, you’ll see racks filled with funky clothing from a variety of different vibes. It’s easy to find something special, like a colorful kimono or a cool military jacket that stands out. The store’s vibe is laid-back, making it fun just to browse.

The layout is spacious, so you won’t feel cramped. Everything is well-organized, which makes hunting for that perfect piece a lot easier. The staff is friendly and helpful, always ready to assist or give recommendations. If you’re unsure about sizes, they can help you find the right fit.

The variety here is impressive. From trendy women’s outfits to stylish men’s wear, Retro City has something for everyone. The quality of the clothes is good, too. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase, whether you’re looking for something casual or a bit more unique.

Rating: 4.5 (328 reviews)
Location: R. Maria Andrade 43, 1170-215 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 21 809 9932

2) A Outra Face da Lua (Baixa)

A Outra Face da Lua (Baixa) is a great place to check out if you’re looking for vintage clothing and unique finds. You’ll find this shop tucked away in a charming part of Lisbon. It’s not just a store; it feels like a trip back in time with its selection of clothes and accessories from the 1960s to the 1990s.

As you step inside, you’ll notice a quirky mix of items. From handmade vests and tunics to elegant silk scarves, the variety here is impressive.

Another cool feature is their quaint café setting, where you can take a break with a comfy seat among the vintage finds. Imagine sipping on a cocktail or enjoying a snack surrounded by retro toys and fashion. This unique atmosphere adds a cozy, laid-back vibe to your shopping experience.

Free shipping is available for orders over €50 in Portugal, and you can also buy gift cards if you’re looking for a perfect present. The shop’s website makes browsing their collections easy too, so you can get a sense of what they offer before you go.

Rating: 4.2 (593 reviews)
Location: R. da Assunção 22, 1100-044 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 21 886 3430
Website: Visit Website

3) Ás de Espadas vintage store and more

When you step into Ás de Espadas, it feels like a journey back in time. This store is more than just a place to shop; it’s an experience. You find unique men’s and women’s clothes and accessories, many with a distinct rock or punk edge.

Each item tells its own story, from shoes and bags to hats and jewelry. The mix of styles keeps things interesting. The shop’s décor makes it feel like you’re exploring someone’s eclectic attic. It’s a welcoming space that invites you to explore and discover hidden gems.

Ás de Espadas’ location in Lisbon makes it an easy stop. It’s a fun place to spend an afternoon, whether you’re hunting for a vintage treasure or just enjoying the retro vibes.

Rating: 4.2 (137 reviews)
Location: Calçada do Carmo 42, 1200-091 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 916 789 199
Website: Visit Website

4) Sons of the Silent Age vintage shop

Sons of the Silent Age is one of those vintage shops in Lisbon where walking feels like stepping back in time. The shop is cozy and packed with unique vintage clothing pieces. Each item is thoughtfully chosen, and you can find everything from classic denim to funky 70s dresses.

The staff is super friendly and always eager to help you find the perfect piece. Whether you’re looking for retro t-shirts or elegant vintage coats, there’s something for everyone.

The shop’s vibe is relaxed, making it easy to spend an hour or two just browsing. It’s clear that a lot of love goes into curating their collection. You might even feel like you’re part of a little vintage community by the time you leave.

Rating: 4.8 (30 reviews)
Location: Calçada do Combro 99, 1200-112 Lisboa, Portugal

5) Tropical Bairro – Vintage Shop

Tropical Bairro is a hidden gem in Lisbon. This shop offers an incredible selection of vintage clothing that feels like stepping back in time. Each piece is unique, and you can find anything from retro dresses to classic jackets.

Besides clothing, the shop also has a charming collection of vinyl records. Whether you are a music lover or a vintage fashion enthusiast, there’s something here for you. The atmosphere is relaxed, making it easy to browse through the treasure trove of items.

The location is perfect for a day out in Lisbon. Situated in a vibrant area, you can explore nearby cafes and street art after a visit to the shop. The staff are friendly and always eager to help you find the perfect item.

Rating: 4.7 (48 reviews)
Location: R. São Cristóvão 3, 1100-514 Lisboa, Portugal

6) arquívos vintage

Arquívos Vintage is one of our favorite vintage shops in Lisbon as it’s packed with unique vintage finds that you won’t see anywhere else. From retro dresses to classic accessories, it’s a treasure trove for vintage lovers.

The vibe is welcoming and the staff are super friendly. They’re always eager to help you find that perfect piece and make sure it fits just right. The store is well-organized, which makes browsing a breeze.

You’ll also enjoy the cool location in Lisbon’s vibrant neighborhood. It’s a perfect spot to shop around and then grab a coffee nearby.

Rating: 4.9 (122 reviews)
Location: R. de Santo Amaro, 1200-803 Lisboa, Portugal
Website: Visit Website

7) Alice in Wonderland Vintage

Alice in Wonderland Vintage is a such a charming vintage shop in Lisbon. Located on R. de Santa Marta, this store has a boutique vibe that makes it a delight to visit.

You’ll find an impressive selection of designer and pre-loved items here. They have clothes from everyday brands to luxury high-end labels. Each piece feels like it was chosen with care and love. The goal is to offer high-quality items at great value, making it perfect for sustainable fashion lovers.

Spend some time browsing through the racks, and you’re sure to find something special. The variety is vast, and you can feel the passion for fashion in every corner. The store is open Monday to Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM, perfect for a relaxing shopping trip.

Rating: 5 (11 reviews)
Location: R. de Santa Marta 22A, 1150-295 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: (901) 486-1907
Website: Visit Website

8) Malala Vintage Lisboa

Malala Vintage Lisboa is a cozy little gem in Lisbon. Every time we step inside, we felt like we’ve entered a treasure trove of unique fashion pieces. They specialize in menswear, accessories, and essentials, all handpicked by the owners.

The shop is family-run, giving it a warm, welcoming vibe. They pride themselves on sourcing high-quality, unique vintage items. Plus, all their products are made from zero waste fabrics, which is a big win for sustainability.

You’ll also find reworked pieces and items from collaborations with local brands. Whether you’re looking for handmade jewelry or unique ceramics, there’s something special waiting for you here. It’s easy to see the love and dedication that goes into curating each piece.

Rating: 4.9 (97 reviews)
Location: R. dos Lagares 6B, 1100-595 Lisboa, Portugal
Contact: +351 926 780 192
Website: Visit Website

How to Identify Quality Vintage Items

Here’s the thing- shopping for vintage items is an art and a science and the more you do it, the better you get at it, there are a few tips to ensure you get the best quality.

  • First, check the fabric and stitching. High-quality fabrics like silk and wool last longer. Good stitching means the item was made to last.
  • Look at labels and tags as well. Certain brands known for quality can add value to your find.
  • Condition is crucial. Make sure there are no stains or major defects unless you’re willing to repair them (also, don’t be afraid of a little rip here or there- those are easy to fix).
  • Lastly, consider the uniqueness of the piece. Unique items often have more charm and value.
These are the best vintage shops in Lisbon.

Tips for Vintage Shopping in Lisbon

Discovering Lisbon’s best vintage shops can be both fun and rewarding. From finding unique pieces to getting the best deals, here are some of our tip to make your vintage shopping experience in Lisbon top-notch.

Best Times to Visit Vintage Shops

To get the best finds, try visiting Lisbon’s vintage shops on weekdays, especially in the mornings. Shops are less crowded, and you can explore the racks leisurely without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Pop-up sales and special events often happen on weekends. Keep an eye on social media for announcements from your favorite stores.

If you’re looking to save some money, visit during sale seasons, usually in January, July, and August. Many shops give discounts during these periods to make room for new stock.

Bargaining Tips and Etiquette

Bargaining can be part of the fun when vintage shopping, but it’s important to be respectful. Start by asking if the price is negotiable rather than outright demanding a discount.

Always be polite and friendly. The shop owners might be more willing to give you a better price if you engage positively.

If you buy multiple items, you might increase your chances of getting a discount. Instead of asking for a flat discount on one item, suggest a bundled price for several items.

Lastly, be prepared to walk away if the price isn’t right for you. Sometimes the best deal is the one you find somewhere else.

The Rise of Vintage in Lisbon

You’ll notice that Lisbon has had a boost in vintage fashion recently. The city used to be known just for its historic buildings and tasty pastries, but now it’s making a name for itself in retro clothing too. This rise is due to both the local love for old-school style and the increase in vintage shops around places like Alfama and Baixa.

Why Vintage Shopping Is a Must-Do

Shopping for vintage items in Lisbon isn’t just about buying clothes; it’s about the whole experience. You get to explore old streets and find unique pieces that tell a story. Plus, vintage shopping is eco-friendly, making it good for both your wardrobe and the planet.

Different shops specialize in different things, from lingerie at Alameda to everyday wear at Humana Vintage. Each place offers a unique piece of Lisbon’s charm, waiting to be discovered by you.

These are the best vintage shops in Lisbon.

Tips for Vintage Shopping in Lisbon

When shopping for vintage treasures in Lisbon, it’s important to plan your visit, know how to bargain, and check the quality of items.

Best Times to Shop

The best times to shop for vintage in Lisbon are typically during weekdays. Stores are less crowded, and you have more time to browse. Many shops open around 10 AM, so consider starting your day early to get the first pick of new arrivals.

Weekends can be busy, especially in popular areas like Chiado and Alfama. If you must shop on a weekend, try visiting right when the stores open to avoid the rush. Note that some shops may have shorter hours on Sundays.

Bargaining 101

Bargaining is common in vintage shops in Lisbon. Start by asking if the price is negotiable. Be polite and friendly; a good attitude can go a long way.

Tips for successful bargaining:

  • Do your homework: Know the value of items you’re interested in.
  • Be respectful: Don’t lowball the seller; make a reasonable offer.
  • Bundle items: Often, buying multiple pieces can get you a better deal.

Remember, the goal is to find a fair price that both you and the seller are happy with.

Quality Checks

Quality checks are essential when buying vintage. Always inspect items closely before purchasing. Look for any signs of damage, like stains or tears, especially in delicate fabrics like silk or lace.

Check seams and zippers to ensure they’re intact and functional. Examine buttons and embellishments to see if any are missing or loose. For shoes, inspect soles and heels for wear and tear. Don’t hesitate to ask the shop owner about the history or condition of an item.

Good quality vintage pieces may cost more but often last longer and hold their value. Plus, they can be unique additions to your wardrobe.

Beyond Shopping: Vintage Experiences

Ok, hear us out- vintage shops in Lisbon isn’t just about buying unique items; it’s about diving into a rich and nostalgic culture. From sipping coffee in a retro-themed café to capturing the perfect vintage look in a photo shoot, these experiences add an extra touch to your vintage adventure in Lisbon.

Vintage-Themed Cafes

Lisbon is home to several vintage-themed cafes where you can enjoy a nostalgic vibe over a cup of coffee. These cafes often feature decor from past decades, creating an atmosphere that’s both cozy and stylish.

Pois Café is a popular spot in Alfama, filled with mismatched vintage furniture and retro decorations. It’s the perfect place to relax after a morning of shopping, offering tasty pastries and strong coffee.

Another great option is Olá Café in Baixa. This café has a 70s-inspired interior, complete with old vinyl records and retro posters. The menu includes classic Portuguese treats and a variety of coffee blends. It’s a great setting to take a breather and enjoy some people-watching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lisbon is a treasure trove for vintage lovers. From affordable shops to luxury boutiques, you’ll find a variety of options for all tastes and budgets.

Where can I find the best vintage shops in Lisbon?

Head to neighborhoods like Alfama and Lisbon Baixa for a mix of trendy stores and hidden gems. Popular spots include Humana Vintage on Rua dos Fanqueiros and Boudoir Vintage Boutique on Av. Alm. Reis.

Where are the luxury second-hand stores located in Lisbon?

For luxury finds, Chiado is the place to go. Stores such as Electric Tiger Vintage are well-known for their unique, high-end selections. Note that some luxury shops might have limited hours, so plan accordingly.

Which thrift stores in Lisbon offer designer labels?

Electric Tiger Vintage and other shops in Chiado often carry designer labels. Check out stores like Humana Vintage as well, which may occasionally feature high-end pieces at more affordable prices.

Is there a good second-hand market in Lisbon for vintage goods?

Yes, Lisbon hosts regular markets where you can find vintage items. Feira da Ladra (Thieves’ Market) is a well-known second-hand market in the Alfama district, perfect for hunting down unique treasures.

What are some must-visit thrift stores in Lisbon?

Don’t miss Boudoir Vintage Boutique on Av. Alm. Reis and Humana Vintage on Rua dos Fanqueiros. Both these vintage shops in Lisbon offer a wide range of vintage clothing and accessories. Also, keep an eye out for smaller, less-known shops in the Alfama and Baixa areas.

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