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How to do Vegas the right way with Suiteness

I don’t know about you, but I always get stuck having to plan all the activities for our girls’ trip. Maybe it’s because I’m the “traveler” of the group, or maybe because other people don’t like doing it, but nevertheless, I’m always the one in the group chat asking people what they want to do, and then making all the reservations.

Planning a girls’ trip to Vegas is never easy. Particularly because everyone has their own interests, and Vegas has a tendency to throw all the options at you at the same time.

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Let’s just say that it’s not the most fun job for the planner of the group. And having been to Vegas a bunch of times prior to this tells me that getting everyone on the same page isn’t the easiest of tasks.


Regardless of whether this is your first time in Vegas or you’ve been here before, you know that having your space is key to having a great time there. No one wants to go hide in the bathroom for a few minutes of privacy- I don’t care what they tell you!

The best way to make sure that your friendships survive 5 days in the desert and everyone has a great time to make sure that everyone has their own space and that there are communal shared places so it doesn’t feel like other’s are intruding.

I know that sounds expensive and a nightmare to plan, and honestly, it had it been in the past.

Until now.

Enter Suiteness. The service that we used during our most recent girls’ trip to Vegas and our stay at The Venetian.

What is Suiteness, you ask? Get ready to have your mind blown.

Suiteness has quickly become our go-to site with hotels to access their floor plans and find every adjoining room option available, offering an affordable alternative to often unpredictable vacation rentals making it perfect for not only for groups of 4 or more (like in our case) or for families, teams, etc. They also have a real person team who can help manage itineraries, book activities, and make sure that you have the best time without the stress of having to plan it all. 

Created in 2014 with a very clear goal that allowed everyone to book luxury hotel suites with ease at affordable prices. This means that you don’t need to be a millionaire to have access to these suites because Suiteness has access to inventory that most hotels don’t share publically.

I love the fact that Suiteness wants you to not only book more vacations but also make vacations easier.


Where to Stay in Vegas?

Where you end up staying in Vegas really depends on the type of experience you want to have. Vegas is a lot of things for a lot of people- and experiences can range from the most epic girls’ trip to more low-key family trips and everything in between. As such picking where you stay, and finding someone to plan the right activities for is really important.

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The Venetian

We loved everything about the Venetian and the Palazzo. I mean everything because this was possibly my third or fourth time staying there.

The resort has everything you could possibly need to curate whatever type of experience you’d want. Their concierge service can help plan reservations, concert tickets, etc.

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As I mentioned above, instead of planning everything out myself this time around, I gave the Suiteness team specific parameters about the time of experience we wanted to have and let them plan it out for us. And let’s just say that we had the best time on this girls’ trip to Vegas.

Get your foodie badge: You might not believe but the Venetian has some of the best restaurants under its roof. Work with the Suiteness team or the resort’s concierge to get find the best options for you and get you all booked up!

Check out the NEON museum: The museum is about 15 minutes away and should be something you check out if you’re into cool retro signs, and if possible- head there right before sunset to get the best light and see the signs turn on. They also do move the pieces around often chances are it will look different each time you go.

Note: The entry fee is a bit steep at $22 per person and they only allow cellphones for photos unless you opt for the higher priced photography tour.

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Check out a show: We got extremely lucky and happened to be in Vegas at the same time as Kelly Clarkson and opted to get tickets last minute. A quick call to the concierge service and it was all set. And the show was phenomenal.

Go for a Gondola Ride and experience Venice indoors (and outdoors): Those of us who have been to Venice can appreciate the romance of this intimate ride- even if it’s far removed from Europe.

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Check out the Bodies Exhibit: This may be just me because I’m a science nerd, but the Ballys’ Body Exhibit is not only educational but a really cool art experience as well.

Go Shopping: The Shops at the Canals has everything that you could want to pick up. High-end shops are mixed with affordable luxury locations fitting in almost everyone’s budget.

Test your luck at the Casino: I’ll be honest, the tables and I don’t get along well, but I can spend days at the slot machines because the entertainment value is there for me. Regardless of how you like to gamble though, please make sure you do it responsibly!


The Grand Luxe Cafe: If I could write a love letter to a restaurant I would. The Grand Luxe became our place for breakfast after a late night (there are 2 locations- one in the Palazzo and one at the Venetian), the place we popped into for a considerable salad when we felt that we need something less decadent but delicious and filling on days where we had been running around shopping, and our go-to spot for happy hour snacks before heading out for cocktails later. The prices are great, the service is terrific and the food is excellent.

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Mott 32: Asian food meets fine dining. Mott 32 is a treat for the senses, and turns the idea of Asian food on its head, from the delicious roasted duck to some of the best Sake we’ve had in a while, Mott 32 is a must visit on your trip to Vegas- regardless of where you decided to stay.

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Black Tap: We all know that Black Tap is the go-to place for those delicious milkshakes- but did you know that they also serve really delicious food as well. That said, we do recommend eating something lighter for your main course because those shakes are technically a meal on their own.

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The Factory Kitchen: Highly recommend popping in here for lunch to experience some of the best authentic Italian food. The simplicity of the menu combined with the freshness of the ingredients makes for a mouthwatering experience that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

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Bouchon: This is one of our favorite places in Vegas. The Parisian vibe, the beautiful indoor/outdoor decor, and the amazing food seamlessly transport you to the most perfect European cafes across the pond. We honestly had the hardest time picking what we wanted to eat because everything was so delicious, but you can’t go wrong with the pastries or the fresh oysters to start!

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Rosina: Tucked away in the Palazzo Casino, Rosina is the place to go when you want to try great drinks pre or post-dinner. We popped in here after a concert and loved the vibe.

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Electra: This place is all about the vibe. Head there early to grab a booth and settle in to enjoy your night (they have a great DJ) and people watch. Note: they do not serve food of any kind so the liquid diet is not your jam, we recommend grabbing elsewhere first. Must try: Trouble Maker. You can’t regret it.

As I mentioned above, there are so many different ways to experience a girls’ trip to Vegas- it doesn’t have to be bars and casinos at all. Because this wasn’t the first time for any of us, we opted to experience the food and culture of Vegas rather than running ourselves to the ground.


This trip was in partnership with Suiteness and The Venetian but the love poured into the words and images above was all our own because we truly loved our time there. 


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