The Best Non-Beach Related Activities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

When you think about Fort Lauderdale, chances are that you probably think of tranquil beaches to relax on as you listen to the waves crashing on the shore. Or, maybe you think about fun beaches to surf in or join in a game of volleyball.

While love a great beach (and Fort Lauderdale has some of the best ones), most people don’t think about all the other great activities this wonderful city offers!

There’s so much variety in what you can do here that most people run out of vacation. And if you’re like us, chances are you’ll keep returning to this lovely piece of paradise because it has a little bit of everything.

So, if you’re a little too sunburnt or had a close encounter of the jellyfish kind, and want to explore attractions other than beach during your stay in Fort Lauderdale, this is the post for you!

Obviously, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t go to the beaches and other things that Fort Lauderdale has to offer, just wanted to give you some extra options, and heck, if you have the time you can try these activities as palate cleansers in between each visit to the beach. 

Unique Alternatives to the beach in Fort Lauderdale


But before we start, a little bit of friendly advice. If you want to explore things other than the beach, it’s very recommendable that you consider renting a car in Fort Lauderdale as many of the attractions we are going to see are a bit hard to get to using public transport.

There is also the added benefit of being able to choose in between many types of vehicles, which allows you to travel comfortable no matter how big your travel group is. We’ve tried using rideshares, and honestly, it ends up being so much cheaper/easier to just rent a car. 

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Fort Lauderdale vacation rentals provide diverse options, from beachfront condos to luxurious villas, ensuring that every traveler finds their perfect home away from home.

This coastal city offers stunning scenery and an array of activities and attractions to enhance your stay.

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

The Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is a historic home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, known for its beautiful gardens and art collection. The estate was built in the 1920s and is a designated historic landmark.

Visitors can explore the house, which is filled with art and personal treasures of the former owners, as well as stroll through the lush and diverse gardens, which feature a mix of tropical and subtropical plants.

The Bonnet House offers guided tours and hosts various events and exhibitions throughout the year, making it a popular cultural and historical attraction in the Fort Lauderdale area.

There are so many cool buildings in Fort Lauderdale, including some of the more unique hotels in Florida.

The antique car museum 

Yes,  you might be confused as to why we included a car museum on this list, but we promise it’s worth checking out. Packard Automobiles was a famous car company back in the 20’s and all the way to the 50’s, these were the fanciest imaginable cars of their time.

If you try to imagine how a fancy old-time car looks like, chances are that you’re actually imagining a type of Packard Automobile you’ve seen on a movie or poster. 

This is the kind of car that gangsters from the prohibition era and tycoons alike would use. Pretty much the Ferrari of their time.

The company that made these cars, however, was dissolved in 1958 so getting to see one of these cars is pretty much impossible outside of the movies or a museum… and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what Fort Lauderdale’s Antique Car Museum is dedicated to.

In this museum, you can see cars and car paraphernalia from throughout the history of this prestigious car company from their beginnings to their demise.

History buffs and car enthusiasts in your travel group will certainly lose their minds with the exhibits!

Tip: The museum has a cash-only policy so be sure to go to an ATM on the way.   

Address: 1527 SW 1st Ave Fort Lauderdale.

The Butterfly World

Let’s say that you spent the morning on a very crowded beach and need some time to unwind and commune with nature, well there is a perfect place you can go to experience all the colors of nature. 

The Butterfly World encompasses three acres of butterfly aviaries, botanical gardens and even aviaries for tropical birds, it was opened in1988 and has been growing ever since.   

This place offers an enchanting experience as you get to visit a special enclosure for butterflies and colorful tropical birds. The site is full of colorful tropical flowers and butterflies and offers amazing opportunities for taking gorgeous photos of nature as there are beautiful flowers and butterflies galore. You can even feed some of the parrots that live there. 

Address: Tradewinds Park, 3600 W Sample Rd, Coconut Creek (Compared to other attractions, the site is a little bit remote, but thankfully, you can find ample parking close by). 

The Bake Bar 

So, you know those days when you wake up and want to have a kickass breakfast before going to the beach or maybe an awesome dinner after a good day of fun in the sun? Yeah, we do too. 

The good news is that we’re foodies and we have you covered. The Bake Bar is an Italian bakery that offers awesome options for both breakfast and dinner, you can find everything from omelets to pancakes, but there are also options to get an authentic Italian lunch, as you pick from a selection of homemade pasta and add any of their homemade sauces.  

It’s such a quaint spot with friendly staff where you can have great food, perfect for special occasions, or maybe date night. Parking may be limited so come early.

Airboats ride

Now, we all know that Fort Lauderdale is close to some amazing beaches, no one can deny that, but what many people often forget is that the city is also very close to other natural marvels that you can visit, such as the Everglades!

There are a ton of companies that will take you on a tour through the swamps on an airboat where you get to see Florida’s wilderness in its natural state. We recommend taking a fullday tour so you can get the complete experience.

Many of the places where you take the airboat ride are not in Fort Lauderdale proper but in a close-by swampy area. Most of those places are a bit remote, but you can still get there by car, and in most cases, you can find ample parking so if you rented a car in Fort Lauderdale, coming here will be a breeze even if it’s a bit far away from civilization. 

During the ride, you get to experience the wilderness of the Everglades and see alligators and different types of birds in their natural habitat.

 So there you have it, if you ever get bored of Fort Lauderdale’s beaches, or want something to do other than sunbathing know that there are always other awesome things to enjoy your vacations!