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These long haul flight essentials will make your next flight so much more comfortable. We've tried and tested everything on this list so you don't have to guess.

23+ Long Haul Flight Essentials & Tips for a Comfy Trip

Preparing for your next adventure? Check out our must-have long-haul flight essentials that will make your next flight as easy and breezy as possible.  International travel is always exciting. The trip planning, the pre-departure anticipation, and the thrill of an escape all add up to a great experience. However, unless you’re flying in business or first class, long-haul flights can

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Everything you need to know about renting a car and getting the most out of your travels.

Everything you need to know about car rentals

When traveling to a city you don’t know very well, getting from place to place may be a challenge, especially if the city is big. Public transport options may be confusing and simply walking to the places you want to go can be difficult or downright impossible given the long distances that there might be between places. Thankfully there is

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Get your trip off to a good start with this easy list of best travel apps around

20 Best Travel Apps To Make You Travel Better

Let’s face it- most of us have an addiction when it comes to our phones. That doesn’t, however, mean that we can’t use it to our advantage when we’re on the road, especially with these 20 best travel apps. Technology is making travel a lot easier for us. With one touch of a button we can book a flight, a

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Be warned: if Suiteness hooks you up with adjoining rooms on your Vegas girls' trip, your girls might still sneak up on your bed.

How to do Vegas the right way with Suiteness

I don’t know about you, but I always get stuck having to plan all the activities for our girls’ trip. Maybe it’s because I’m the “traveler” of the group, or maybe because other people don’t like doing it, but nevertheless, I’m always the one in the group chat asking people what they want to do, and then making all the

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3 ways technology will change your travel experience forever

3 Ways Technology will Change Your Travel Experience Forever

Every year reports show that more people are travelling than ever before. What kept travellers happy ten years ago no longer applies and technology has been vital in delivering the immediate solutions, seamless experiences and personalised services that the modern traveller craves. There’s no denying that tech has become a significant part of tourism. It has allowed the industry to

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