9 Surprising Reasons To Travel In The Off Season

Travel is one of those things that we tend put off thinking that we’ll get to it when we get a chance later. That isn’t always the case. The world is changing everyday in every way, and you’ll be surprised at everything you’ll learn.


1. Everything is so much cheaper. Not counting Christmas, and New Years, the months between November-April are when you can get the cheapest flights and hotels to most of Europe.

While there might not as much of a discount to South America, you can still get pretty good deals if you hunt it down.

Plus, if you use points or frequent flyer miles, you can usually use them at a discount or lower rate by travelling in the off-season.

2. Everything is less crowded. We love being part of the crowd as much as the next person, but sometimes you want to be able to wander around at your own pace without feeling rushed, or being bumped into.

That in itself is worth travelling in the offseason.

You know how crappy your pictures turn out when you’re trying to photograph a monument with a bunch of people standing in front of it?

Travelling in the offseason eliminates this frustration almost completely.

3. Personalized service. Want to be treated like royalty? Travel in the offseason. You get all the attention – all the time.

Hotels, restaurants and sights are quieter, so you have the attention of the staff and the ability to soak in the experience.

4. Great weather. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about hot, sunny beach days, but scorching hot weather is not the best when you’re walking around for hours taking in the sights and sounds of a new environment.

If you take off in March, for example, the weather in most European cities is perfect, and you won’t be too hot or too cold.


5. Better pictures. You want great landscape shots with having to spend hours photoshopping people out? Off-season is for you.

We mentioned this above in the point about crowds, but the off season also has great light for photographs. The dawn and the dusk come earlier, so you’ll actually be awake for this perfect photographic opportunity.

6. Winter Festivals. From Christmas markets in Germany, to the Dublin Film Festival, there’s something for everyone, and one of the best reasons to travel in the offseason.

In the early spring, you have the perfect time for spring festivals and the feel of cities in the early spring is infectious.

7. Shopping in Europe. France and Italy start their sales early January to mid February. It makes sense that prices rise when tourists are flocking to the countries in question. Think about where you live and the high season for shopping.

So if you want to do some fashion tourism or just score some great deals, offseason shopping is going to be far better on the wallet – and selection.

8. Authentic Interactions. You get to see the real destination, and meet people in their element. Tourists are far less annoying when there aren’t throngs of them, and you can pick up more of the language by talking to locals and just enjoying a more relaxed vibe.

9. Outdoor activities. You may not be lying on the beach in the offseason, but hiking is far more enjoyable when it’s not scorching hot.  Ski and snowboarding in the most picturesque places on the planet is also a huge draw for offseason travellers.

So Stop Booking Your Travel in the Summer

You know it.

Booking travel in the summer is completely inefficient. Not only do you have to fight for vacation time with your colleagues, but you also have to put up with crowds, unfavourable weather, annoyed locals and high prices.

Enjoy offseason travel for your next trip and you’ll be completely convinced!