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Things to Do in Seoul Alone: (+ Hidden Gems in Seoul)

There’s so much more to Seoul than K-pop, kdramas and skincare, and we’re here to tell how to the best things to do in Seoul alone.

Exploring Seoul yourself is a great idea; you’ve chosen a fantastic destination for solo travelers.

Explore Seoul's Hidden Gems: Whether you're wandering alone or seeking places of interest, discover Seoul's lesser-known treasures. From quaint alleys to secret spots, immerse yourself in the city's unique charm.

As Seoul is split into 25 districts, each containing 522 neighborhoods known as “dongs”, it might not be possible to see all the things to do in Seoul, but we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite places of interest, including hidden gems in Seoul to get you started.

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Things to Do in Seoul Alone

These popular places of interest in Seoul are a great place to start your solo adventure.

Explore Seoul's Hidden Gems: Whether you're wandering alone or seeking places of interest, discover Seoul's lesser-known treasures. From quaint alleys to secret spots, immerse yourself in the city's unique charm.

1. Adorn a Hanbok and Stroll Through Gyeongbokgung Palace

History buffs (and kdrama lovers), you can’t visit Seoul and not make your way over to Gyeongbokgung Palace.

As the largest palace from the Joseon Dynasty, it stands as a proud symbol of Korea’s cultural heritage.

Explore the expansive grounds in a hanbok, the traditional Korean attire, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another era.

Make sure to catch the Changing of Guards ceremony, a colorful and precise display. You also have the opportunity to explore the National Folk Museum of Korea, located within the palace grounds.

Things to Do in Seoul Alone: From hidden gems to popular attractions, explore Seoul's vibrant culture and rich history on your solo journey through the city.

2. Time Travel at Bukchon Hanok Village

A great way to learn about Korea’s past is a visit to Bukchon Hanok Village. This is a special place that allows visitors to experience traditional Korean culture. It’s a living museum with many old houses that you can see up close.

The village is located between two palaces, Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung.

You can rent a hanbok and explore the village’s winding alleys, where you’ll see traditional Korean art and architecture.

Seoul's Solo Adventures: Dive into Seoul's solo adventures and uncover hidden spots that offer solitude and serenity amidst the city's hustle and bustle.

3. Witness History at Gwanghwamun Plaza

The towering statue of King Sejong at Gwanghwamun Plaza is the epicenter of Korean history. This expansive space is framed by significant landmarks and is a poignant place to reflect on the country’s journey.

As a solo traveler in Seoul, this is an excellent way to appreciate the historical narratives and modern achievements that converge in this public square.

Hidden Escapes in Seoul: Discover Seoul's hidden escapes, away from the bustling streets, providing serene spots for solo exploration including going to Seoul City Wall

4. Find Your Way To The Seoul City Wall

Walking along the Seoul City Wall is a unique and immersive way to experience the rich history and heritage of Seoul.

Stretching over 18 kilometers, the ancient fortress wall offers breathtaking views of the city and provides a fascinating glimpse into Seoul’s past. We found that exploring different sections of the wall that were of interest of us made a lot more sense than trying to tackle all of t.

From the majestic gates of Namdaemun and Dongdaemun to the tranquil trails of Naksan Park, the Seoul City Wall is a captivating journey through time that solo travelers won’t want to miss.

Things to Do IN Seoul aLONE: Foodie adventures

If you’re ready to tantalize your taste buds, Seoul’s culinary scene will not disappoint. From bustling night markets to hidden food stalls, there’s a world of flavors waiting to be discovered.

Indulge in Korean street food, find vegetarian gems, and maybe even join a tour in Seoul for a guided foodie adventure. Food is a language of its own, and as a solo traveler, you’ll find no shortage of delicious dialogue.

Solo Exploration of Seoul's Places of Interest: Wander through the city's diverse districts, from Itaewon to Hongdae, and discover hidden gems and popular landmarks perfect for solo travelers seeking unique experiences.

5. Sample Traditional Korean Delights at Gwangjang Market

Gwangjang Market is a paradise for food lovers, with food stalls serving up everything from savory mung bean pancakes to sweet and spicy rice cakes.

Take your time wandering the market (I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time here), but chances are you’ll find your next favorite food here.

Discover Hidden Gems in Seoul Alone: Embark on a solo adventure through Seoul's vibrant neighborhoods like Myeongdong and Insadong, uncovering hidden treasures and iconic attractions along the way.

6. Street Food Extravaganza in Myeongdong

Myeongdong is not just a fashion hub—it’s also a haven for street food aficionados. As the neon lights flicker on, the streets come alive with grills’ sizzle and sweet and spicy sauce aroma.

From cheesy hotteok (YUM!) to delicious skewers, Myeongdong offers a street food extravaganza that’s perfect for the solo traveler looking to feast on a smorgasbord of snacks.

Uncover Seoul's Hidden Charms Alone: Explore the city's off-the-beaten-path destinations like Petite France and the War Museum of Korea, providing solo travelers with enriching experiences and unforgettable memories.

7. Vegetarian Feasts at Sanchon

Vegetarian friends, we haven’t forgotten about you!

For those looking for a vegetarian feast that honors traditional Korean culture, Sanchon in the heart of Insadong is a much-needed gem.

The restaurant, run by a former monk, specializes in temple cuisine, serving dishes crafted from mountain herbs and seasonal vegetables.

The restaurant has a peaceful atmosphere and serves authentic Korean dishes that reflect the principles of Korean Buddhism.

8. Find Halal Food in Seoul

We met up with a friend who only eats halal food which means we got to try some really delicious options around the city.

Popular Halal Restaurants in Seoul:

  • EID – 이드 (Halal Korean Food): In Itaewon, great for Korean food like bulgogi and bibimbap, all halal.
  • Makan Restaurant: Also in Itaewon. Try Malaysian and Singaporean dishes here.
  • Usmania International Restaurant: In Itaewon, with Pakistani, Indian, and Chinese halal food.
  • Murree Restaurant: Also in Itaewon, for Indian and Pakistani food.
  • Yang Good BBQ: In Gangnam, this place offers halal Korean BBQ. It’s famous for lamb.

Areas in Seoul Known for Halal Food:

  • Itaewon: We found this to be the best area for halal food in Seoul. You’ll find lots of different kinds of food from all over the world here including many halal restaurants.
  • Hongdae: Not as much as Itaewon, but there are a few options here due to the diverse student population.

Tip: Mufko app before coming to Korea to help track down halal restaurants.

Seoul’s Artistic and Cultural Scene

Exploring Seoul’s art scene is like being in an adventure movie, and it makes our art-loving hearts so happy.

It’s a mix of cool, new art and awesome traditional experiences.

Solo Exploration of Seoul's Cultural Landscape: Discover hidden gems like the Ihwa Mural Village and Seoul Grand Park, offering solo travelers a chance to experience Seoul's artistic and natural wonders firsthand

9. Art Appreciation at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) is a beacon of modern architecture and creative design. Its futuristic curves and stunning facade make it a hub for art lovers and design enthusiasts.

We love exploring the galleries and exhibitions and taking in the neon-lit ambiance at night.

10. Explore the Trendy Streets of Hongdae District

Hongdae District is the pulse of Seoul’s energy, with its trendy streets lined with boutiques, galleries, and live music venues.

As a solo traveler, you can dive into the dynamic cultural scene, discover emerging artists, and enjoy spontaneous performances transforming the neighborhood into a live stage.

Honestly, we’ve lost hours watching street performers in Hongdae before getting inspired and heading to karaoke.

Serenity and Wellness in the City

In the midst of Seoul’s urban bustle, there are sanctuaries of serenity and wellness.

Solo travelers can find pockets of relaxation in traditional Korean spas or jjimjilbang, where a unique blend of relaxation and community awaits.

11. Unwind at a Traditional Korean Spa (Jjimjilbang)

Experience the famous Korean tradition of rejuvenation at a jjimjilbang. These unique wellness centers offer a variety of therapeutic treatments, from mineral-rich baths to invigorating body scrubs.

Fair warning, some of the treatments can be a little intense.

Experience communal spirit in shared relaxation spaces or retreat to a quiet corner for personal reflection. It’s a holistic solo adventure for the body and soul.

Seoul's Secret Spots for Solo Explorers: Discover hidden gems like the Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Seoul Forest, offering solo travelers a chance to escape the crowds and immerse themselves in Seoul's natural beauty and urban charm.

12. Meditate at a Temple Stay Outside Seoul

If you’re looking to get away from the intensity of the city, one of the coolest things you can do is step away from city life and into a temple stay.

Among Templestay’s 30 different temples, you’ll find serene temples like Bongeunsa near Bukhansan National Park.

You’ll get to take part in Korean Buddhist ceremonies, meditate, and connect with monks and fellow seekers. These temple stay programs provide a deep solo journey of inner discovery and tranquility.

13. Get your skin pampered

Seoul is a haven for skincare enthusiasts. No, but seriously. It is Disneyland- not only the perfect place to find and stock up on Korean skincare products but also to have access to highly trained dermatologists with the most innovative technology.

Skincare treatments that cost thousands of dollars in the West are a few hundred here. Treatments like lasers, fillers, etc are routine and very affordable. And while some do opt for cosmetic surgery, we personally recommend that as a thing to do alone in Seoul.

Things to Note:

  • Not all clinics are created equal, and not all of them are foreigner-friendly. So look for one with a translator on staff or take a local friend with you.
  • Look for clinics outside of Gangnam if you’re looking for more affordable options (we found most clinics there were pricier for the same service).

It’s not just about indulgence; it’s a cultural experience that leaves you glowing and refreshed.

Explore Seoul Neighborhoods

Seoul’s neighborhoods are a blend of history, fashion, and global influences. You’ll find traditional markets among modern skyscrapers, each district offering a unique vibe.

Solo Sightseeing in Seoul's Unique Neighborhoods: Delve into Seoul's eclectic neighborhoods like Itaewon and Hongdae, discovering hidden gems and cultural hotspots perfect for solo adventurers seeking diverse experiences.

14. The Glitz of Gangnam

Gangnam is the definition of modernity meets luxury. This district showcases upscale fashion, cutting-edge technology, and entertainment.

Stroll along the Han River or explore the trendiest bars and upscale shops. Gangnam’s energy is contagious, making it a must-visit for those looking to dive into Seoul’s contemporary culture.

15. The International Vibes of Itaewon

Itaewon is a melting pot of cultures, a district in Seoul where international flavors meet local traditions. You’ll find a diverse array of cuisines, trendy boutiques, and nightlife from all corners of the globe.

It’s a place where you can feel at home, no matter where you’re from.

Hidden Gems in Seoul for Solo Travelers: Discover Seoul's hidden treasures and must-visit attractions like Itaewon and Ssamziegil Shopping Complex, offering solo travelers unique insights into the city's cultural heritage and modern charm.

16. Go Shopping at the Fashion Hub of Myeongdong

There’s a reason why shopping at Myeongdong is on every list of things to do alone in Seoul. Myeongdong is a fashionista’s paradise, a hub where Korean street food scents the air and shops offer the latest trends.

This is where you can find beauty products and clothes during the day; by night, the alleyways transform into an energetic food market. We normally put aside at least a few hours to explore.

Hidden Gem in Seoul: Venture off the beaten path to neighborhoods like Yeonnam-dong or Seongsu-dong for trendy cafes and street art.

Outdoor and Nature Activities

One thing we love about Seoul is that it has a lot of outdoor activities that can provide a refreshing break from the fast-paced city life.

From hiking trails in lush national parks to peaceful riverside paths, the city offers a range of nature experiences.

Solo Adventures in Seoul's Vibrant Culture: Delve into Seoul's vibrant culture with visits to iconic sites like Namdaemun Market and the National Folk Museum of Korea, offering solo travelers a chance to immerse themselves in the city's traditions and customs.

17. Hike Bukhansan National Park

One of the options to escape the city life with a hike through Bukhansan National Park. With its serene hiking trails, the park is a sanctuary for solo female travelers and nature lovers alike.

As you climb higher, Seoul’s skyline disappears, replaced by breathtaking views and the mountain’s peaceful embrace.

The hike is intermediate and takes about 5-6 hours and while you can do it solo easily, we would recommend exercising safety precautions because people have gotten lost there.

Looking for the ultimate list of things to do in Seoul alone? We have you covered with this epic list of places of interest in Seoul

18. Find the Peaceful Hours Along the Han River

For those of us who are not hikers, you’ll find the zen you’re looking for along the banks of the Han River, where Seoulites come to unwind.

You can cycle the well-maintained paths, grab chicken and beer under the open sky, or simply watch the city from the riverside.

Tip: We found that embarking on a leisurely Han River Cruise offers a different perspective of Seoul.

Looking for the ultimate list of things to do in Seoul alone? We have you covered with this epic list of places of interest in Seoul

Han River Guided Night Cruise and Hangang Park Picnic

Experience a delightful evening in Seoul with a variety of chicken dishes, Korean-style alcoholic beverages, traditional games like “Red Light, Green Light,” and a guided Han River night cruise showcasing Seoul’s skyline and sharing insights into South Korea’s economic growth journey.

Choosing from various cruise options, including sunset cruises and themed tours, allows solo travelers to enjoy panoramic views of iconic landmarks along the riverbanks, a memorable activity to do alone in Seoul.

Solo Explorations of Seoul's Unique Attractions: Dive into Seoul's vibrant neighborhoods and cultural landmarks like Hongdae and the National Museum of Korea, providing solo travelers with endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

19. Check Out The Sunset from N Seoul Tower

One of the most breathtaking sunsets can be seen from the Sunset Zone (on the west of the terrace outside level 4 )in the iconic N Seoul Tower.

Located atop Namsan Mountain, the tower offers panoramic views of Seoul’s vast cityscape.

Hidden Gem In Seoul: Visit the Love Locks area nearby to add your own padlock to the collection and capture a romantic moment.

20. Cheonggyesan Mountain

Cheonggyesan Mountain is a nature lover’s paradise that we can’t get enough of. Located on the outskirts of Seoul, this majestic mountain offers scenic hiking trails, breathtaking viewpoints, and an abundance of natural beauty to discover.

Whether you’re seeking a challenging hike or a peaceful escape into nature, Cheonggyesan Mountain has it all and is a must-visit destination for solo travelers looking to explore the great outdoors near Seoul.

Hidden Gem In Seoul: Explore lesser-known places of interest in Seoul like Haneul Park or Seoul Forest for tranquil green spaces away from the crowds.

Solo Adventures in Seoul's Cultural Landscape: Immerse yourself in Seoul's diverse culture with visits to iconic landmarks like the War Memorial of Korea and Bukchon Hanok Village, providing solo travelers with enriching experiences and unforgettable memories.

21. Olympic Park

Olympic Park holds a special place in our hearts as one of Seoul’s most iconic landmarks. As the site of the 1988 Summer Olympics, the park is steeped in history and offers a wealth of attractions to explore.

We love wandering through the lush green spaces, admiring the impressive sports facilities, and discovering hidden gems like the Peace Plaza and Olympic Sculpture Park.

Unique PlACES OF iNTEREST in Seoul

Seoul is full of unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.

From indulging in succulent pork belly at a traditional Korean barbecue to losing yourself in the stacks at the Starfield Library, the city invites you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore Seoul's Hidden Charms Alone: Wander through Seoul's hidden alleys and quaint neighborhoods like Insadong and Ikseon-dong, uncovering hidden gems and cultural delights perfect for solo adventurers.

22. Get Lost in the Stacks at Starfield Library

The Starfield Library in COEX Mall is an oasis for book lovers. Its towering shelves and cozy nooks make it the perfect place to lose track of time.

The design lover in us loved the use of light.

The building is bright, airy, and visually stunning, so if you’re a photographer looking for that perfect shot, be sure to get it right when it comes, or learn to be very patient.

23. Ride the Thrills at Lotte World

Amusement park lovers will find Lotte World a treat. This is the premier amusement park in the heart of Seoul. From thrilling rides to magical parades, it’s a fun place to let your inner kid explore.

24. Snap Memories in Photo Studios

Ok, real talk: the photo studios surprised us. They are EVERYWHERE and so one of the coolest things to do alone in Seoul.

Seoul’s photo studios are a quirky and fun way to capture your travel memories. Step into a booth, grab some props and make faces to your heart’s content.

Whether you want a silly memento or a professional portrait, these studios offer a playful break from exploring.

25. Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Mall (GOTO MALL)

Exploring GOTO Mall at the Express Bus Terminal is an absolute delight!

From trendy fashion boutiques to quirky artisanal stores, this underground shopping mall is a treasure trove of unique finds.

The bustling atmosphere and energy make it an exciting place to spend some time alone in Seoul.

Whether you’re hunting for the latest fashion trends or searching for one-of-a-kind souvenirs, GOTO Mall offers a diverse shopping experience that caters to every taste and budget.

Solo Explorations of Seoul's Hidden Wonders: Embark on a journey through Seoul's secret spots and iconic landmarks like the Seoul N Tower and Insadong, providing solo adventurers with endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

26. Seoul Forest Cafe Street

If you’re a coffee lover like us, you’re going to love spending time along Seoul Forest Cafe Street, where charming cafes line tree-lined avenues.

Sipping on artisanal coffees and nibbling on delicious pastries while soaking in the serene ambiance of this urban oasis is one of our favorite things to do alone in Seoul.

Seoul's Hidden Gems for Solo Explorations: Explore hidden treasures like the Han River Park and Seoullo 7017, providing solo travelers with unique insights into Seoul's urban landscape and natural beauty.

27. Seoullo 7017

Seoullo 7017, also known as the Seoul Skygarden, is one of our favorite spots to explore in Seoul.

This elevated pedestrian walkway, built on a former highway overpass, offers a unique blend of nature and urban design.

We love strolling along the walkway, surrounded by lush greenery and colorful flowers, while enjoying panoramic views of the city below.

The innovative architecture and atmosphere make Seoullo 7017 a must-visit destination for solo travelers looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of Seoul’s skyline.

28. Seorae Village

We love exploring Seorae Village, also known as “Little France” located in Banpo 4-dong, Seocho-gu. This charming neighborhood is filled with quaint streets lined with French-style cafes, bakeries, and boutique shops.

As one of the cutest places of interest in Seoul, you can easily spend a leisurely afternoon strolling through the cobblestone streets, admiring the European-inspired architecture, and indulging in delicious pastries and coffee.

It’s a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, offering a taste of France right in the heart of Seoul.

Solo Exploration of Seoul's Cultural Landscape: Discover hidden gems like the Ihwa Mural Village and Seoul Grand Park, offering solo travelers a chance to experience Seoul's artistic and natural wonders firsthand.

29. Hangang Floating Island

We like spending leisurely afternoons at Hangang Floating Island, a unique recreational area situated along the banks of the Han River.

This hidden oasis has lush gardens, scenic walking paths, and colorful art installations, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

You’ll find that you can relax amidst the natural beauty of the riverside park, enjoy picnics by the water, and soak in the lively atmosphere of outdoor concerts and events.

Solo Adventures in Seoul's Vibrant Culture: Delve into Seoul's vibrant culture with visits to iconic sites like Namdaemun Market and the National Folk Museum of Korea, offering solo travelers a chance to immerse themselves in the city's traditions and customs.

30. Dongmyo Flea Market

One of our favorite things to do alone in Seoul is exploring the lively atmosphere of Dongmyo Flea Market, one of Seoul’s oldest and largest flea markets.

This bustling bazaar is full with stalls selling a diverse array of vintage treasures, antiques, and unique souvenirs.

You can browse through the eclectic mix of goods, haggle with friendly vendors, and uncover hidden gems amidst the maze of alleyways and stalls.

31. Changsin-dong Toy Wholesale Market

Hidden away in the bustling streets of Changsin-dong, the Toy Wholesale Market is a paradise for toy enthusiasts and collectors alike.

We found that this hidden gem offers a vast selection of toys, games, and collectibles, ranging from nostalgic classics to the latest trends.

You will be able to wander through the labyrinthine aisles of the market, marveling at the colorful displays and hunting for unique finds.

Explore Seoul's Hidden Charms Alone: Wander through Seoul's hidden alleys and quaint neighborhoods like Insadong and Ikseon-dong, uncovering hidden gems and cultural delights perfect for solo adventurers.

Getting Around Seoul Solo

These tips will help you navigate Seoul alone more easily.

Local Sim card: You can grab a local sim from there (if your phone is unlocked) so you can use Kakoa Talk. You can also get an e-sim (which is our preferred option).

Navigation Maps:

  • CityMapper: We found CityMapper to be the best for directions. It’s easy to use in English, better than other apps. Having the right navigation is so important for when looking to do things to do in Seoul alone.
  • Local Apps: Kakao Map and Naver Map are popular, but they can be tricky. They’re great for exploring Busan and Jeju Island, though.

T-Money Card: Get a T-Money from any convience store or the airport card for easy payments. Add 10,000 to 20,000 won to start. It’s the most convenient way to pay for transportation, certain stores and restaurants.

Station Facilities: Stations may not have elevators or escalators. Be ready for stairs. We found stations less accessible than others.

Taking Buses:

  • Boarding: Look for your bus number and tap your T-Money card. It’s easier than in other cities.
  • Seating: Leave seats for older or pregnant people. It’s important in Seoul compared to other places.

Taking Taxis:

  1. Uber T: Use Uber for easy taxi bookings. Pay through the app without cash. It’s more reliable than traditional taxis.
  2. Kakao T: Use Kakao T (if you have a Korean sim/esim) for local convenience. Pay with cash or T-Money card. It’s easier to use than other taxi apps.

Safety Tips for Exploring Seoul Alone

Traveling alone in Seoul is generally safe, but it’s important to be mindful, especially at night.

Stick to well-lit main roads and avoid isolated alleyways. Use navigation apps like KakaoMap to stay on course and charge your phone.

While the city is friendly for solo female travelers, excessive drinking (especially by yourself) is ill-advised. If you go clubbing, remain aware of your surroundings. With a bit of caution and common sense, you can do many things to do in Seoul alone with confidence.

Best Times to Visit Seoul for Solo Travelers

Spring and autumn are ideal for exploring Seoul’s palaces and savoring Korean cuisine amidst mild weather.

These seasons offer the best balance of pleasant temperatures and cultural events, allowing for an unforgettable journey.

Solo Sightseeing in Seoul's Unique Neighborhoods: Delve into Seoul's eclectic neighborhoods like Itaewon and Hongdae, discovering hidden gems and cultural hotspots perfect for solo adventurers seeking diverse experiences.

Where to stay in Seoul

Seoul offers a range of accommodations to fit any budget. Whether you’re looking for the luxury and pampering of a 5-star hotel or the communal vibe of a hostel, you’ll find a place that feels like home.

Consider your preferences for amenities, location, and social interaction when choosing your stay. Many options are centrally located, providing easy access to Seoul’s attractions and public transportation, improving your solo adventure.

Myeongdong: Ideal for Tourists and Shopping Enthusiasts

Myeongdong is not only famous for its shopping streets filled with both international and local brands but also for its delectable Korean street food.

You can spend hours browsing through the countless stalls offering everything from trendy fashion items to traditional Korean snacks (one of our favorite things to do in Seoul alone). Plus, its central location means easy access to iconic landmarks like Seoul N Tower, making it an ideal base for first-time visitors.

Our Favorite Hotel: Hotel 28. It’s in the heart of Myeongdong, making it perfect for exploring the vibrant shopping scene and nearby attractions.

Insadong: Embrace Tradition in the Heart of Seoul

Insadong is known for its rich cultural heritage, with narrow alleys lined with traditional teahouses, souvenir shops, and art galleries.

And don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in Michelin-starred Mandu (dumplings) at 개성만두 궁, adding a delicious culinary experience to your Seoul adventure.

Our Hotel Pick: For a taste of traditional Seoul, we love Ihwa Hanok. Nestled in Insadong, this hotel offers a charming hanok experience with modern comforts.

Solo Explorations of Seoul's Unique Attractions: Dive into Seoul's vibrant neighborhoods and cultural landmarks like Hongdae and the National Museum of Korea, providing solo travelers with endless opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Itaewon: International Flair and Nightlife Vibes

Stay here if you want to meet people from all over the world- making it a diverse and welcoming neighborhood.

You’ll find food from many different countries in the countless restaurants here, and the bars and clubs are always buzzing with energy.

Plus, you can explore cultural attractions like the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, and the War Museum of Korea, which offer a fascinating look into traditional and modern Korean culture.

Our Hotel Recommendation: Imperial Palace Boutique Hotel Itaewon. This hotel offers stylish rooms and is close to the subway line, and perfectly situated for enjoying the diverse dining options and rich nightlife of Itaewon.

Hongdae: Youthful Energy and Artistic Flair

Hongdae is famous for its vibrant arts and music scene, with street performers showcasing their talents and indie bands performing in small venues.

The neighborhood is also a shopping haven, with trendy boutiques offering unique fashion finds and quirky accessories.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Trick Eye Museum for some fun and interactive 3D art, adding a touch of creativity to your stay in Hongdae.

Our Preferred Hotel: Amanti Hotel Seoul is our top pick for staying in Hongdae. Conveniently located 500 metres from Exit 1 of Hongik University Subway Station (Line 2, Airport Railroad and Gyeongui-Jungang Line) along with shops and restaurants.

Hidden Gems in Seoul for Solo Sightseers: Uncover hidden treasures like the Trick Eye Museum and Gyeongbokgung Palace, offering solo travelers a unique perspective of Seoul's history and culture.

Day Trips From Seoul

Venturing beyond Seoul can enrich your journey with a blend of history and nature. Day trips to destinations like the DMZ or Nami Island offer diverse experiences, from poignant historical sites to serene gardens.

For those eager to explore and with more time in Korea, a trip to Jeju Island unveils UNESCO World Heritage sites and unique cultural escapades. Each excursion promises memories that extend beyond the city’s limits.

Take A Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Tour

History lovers, we suggest taking a tour of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to witness the stark division between North and South Korea.

Exploring the infiltration tunnel and the Dora Observatory grants us insight into the lingering tensions and aspirations for peace.

It’s a must-see for anyone curious about Korean history and the indomitable spirit of its people.

Solo Adventures in Seoul's Secret Spots: Dive into Seoul's lesser-known attractions, such as the Garden of Morning Calm and Bukchon Hanok Village, for a solo exploration filled with hidden delights and cultural discoveries.

Tranquility at Nami Island & Garden of Morning Calm

We love retreating from the urban hustle to discover serenity at Nami Island and the Garden of Morning Calm as it doesn’t take that long to get there (about 30 mins from Seoul Station).

Nami’s breathtaking landscapes, renowned from movies and dramas, provide a tranquil escape making it a really cool way to spend an extra day in Seoul.

Looking for the ultimate list of things to do in Seoul alone? We have you covered with this epic list of places of interest in Seoul

Nami Island+Petite France+Gapyeong Rail Bike+Garden of Morning Calm

This carefully planned tour that includes stops at the Garden of Morning Calm, Gapyeong Rail Bike Station, Nami Island, and Petite France. With convenient transportation and free time at each location, it’s a perfect outing to make the most of your vacation, with admission to all sites included.

Discovering Jeju Island

We can’t say enough good things about how much we love the wonders of Jeju Island, a hidden gem off the southern coast.

Its natural splendor, including national parks and the iconic Seongsan Ilchulbong makes us a fan as it is a warm escape if traveling to Seoul in the winter.

Solo Adventures in Seoul's Eclectic Neighborhoods: Explore Seoul's eclectic neighborhoods like Itaewon and Gangnam, discovering hidden gems and cultural landmarks perfect for solo travelers seeking diverse experiences. This guide also covers the best trips from Seoul- like Jeju island.

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, it brims with history and culture. Exploring Jeju Island unveils its volcanic origins and the resilient spirit of its inhabitants, making it an unforgettable highlight of our Korean journey.

Solo Travel in Seoul: FAQs

While exploring, remember that safety is paramount, so stay in well-lit areas and be cautious of your surroundings. With these precautions, Seoul is a playground for the solo explorer.

Is Seoul A Good Destination for Solo Travelers?

Seoul is an excellent destination for solo travelers, offering a safe environment, a wealth of cultural experiences, and an efficient public transport system.

From palaces to shopping districts, there are so many things to do in Seoul alone. Hostels provide budget-friendly places to stay in Seoul and opportunities to meet other travelers and make new friends.

How Many Days Do You Need to Explore Seoul?

Aim for a stay of at least 4 to 5 days to fully appreciate Seoul.

This will give you enough time to explore the city’s main attractions, enjoy its foodie offerings, and possibly venture on day trips.

Planning your itinerary can help you maximize your experience and ensure you don’t miss out on what Seoul has to offer.

Safety Tips for Exploring Seoul Solo at Night

While Seoul is a city that beats with life after dark, exploring it solo can be safe and exhilarating if you practice common sense.

Dongdaemun, home to the iconic Design Plaza, is full of activity where night markets bustle with shoppers until the early hours.

Keep your wits about you, stick to well-lit areas, and trust your instincts. Should you ever feel uneasy, Seoul’s robust public transportation runs late, offering a secure way back to your accommodation.

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