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Things to do in Grand Bahama Island: The Ultimate Guide

Nothing is better than a beach vacation with your girlfriends, and finding things to do on Grand Bahama Island makes for the perfect girls’ getaway.

From white sandy beaches to mindblowing turquoise waters to a lively entertainment scene, Grand Bahama Island has everything you need for a fun week away.

The complete guide to exploring Grand Bahama island, including things to do, see, and eat. We also share our favorite beaches, and hidden gems.

We spent 5 days exploring this beautiful island, getting tanned and learning about the fascinating history of Freeport.

What surprised us most was that the island is more than just beaches (don’t get us wrong, the beaches are incredible!), but the variety of greenery was fascinating. While the famous Bahama family resort isn’t on this island, there are still so many amazing things to do here.

We were there on days with cruise ships and still felt like we had the island to ourselves- you can’t find that anywhere else!

The beauty of Grand Bahama Island is that you can spend a day and be happy or spend a week and feel like you didn’t see everything (at least that’s how we felt after 5 days!).

So without further ado, here is how to plan the perfect girls getaway to Grand Bahama Island!

The complete guide to exploring Grand Bahama island, including things to do, see, and eat. We also share our favorite beaches, and hidden gems.


There are multiple ways to get to Grand Bahama Island, the easiest being flying.

BY AIR: Flights from Fort Lauderdale and Miami take less than 30 minutes and take you directly to the Freeport International Airport. Depending on where your starting location is you’d be smart to check both Fort Lauderdale and Miami International.

BY WATER: Boats from Fort Lauderdale take around 3.5 hours, and are relatively easy to use. There is a customs office at Old Bahama Bay that makes it easy and pain-free.

Cruises (technically also a boat) is another way to get to Grand Bahama Island. There are multiple options that dock on the island for a day, and explore all the Freeport excursions.

Note: If you’re planning on exploring the island without a guide, we really recommend getting a rental car as cabs are hard to find, and UBER isn’t on the island. 


Finding accommodations on the island is pretty easy since most of the tourists come on cruise ships. There are great properties on Airbnb and VBCO, but if you’re looking for a more resort experience, we recommend the following options.

Pelican Bay: Located right in the heart of Lucaya means that you’re steps away from shopping and the touristic heart of Freeport. The rooms are spacious, and you have easy beach access. While it’s not an all-inclusive, you won’t really be missing much if you’re planning on exploring the island properly.

(You can find latest rates here)

Grand Lucayan:  Considered more of an all-inclusive resort than just a hotel means you have access to spa, tennis, golf, beach, pools, and excursions. You really can just spend your entire time at the resort and still not run out of things to do.

NOTE: Non guests can access the beach at the resort for a day rate of $20. 

(You can find latest rates here)

Old Bahama Bay: Beyonce was there. Do we really need to say more? Located on the west end of the island, Old Bahama Bay is where all the celebrities and people with more money than us go. The condos are gorgeous and huge (we hung out in John Travolta’s old one), the beach is stunning and the drinks are great. If you have the budget, we really recommend spending a few days here.


It’s important to note that there is more to the island than just beaches and Freeport. You’ll be surprised to find that the island is full of interesting activities for almost everyone. 

Here are some of our favorites:

SWIM WITH THE FISHES (OR SHARKS AND STINGRAYS):  Yes, you can do this, but we really recommend taking a tour with Keith who will not only show you are the Cays (pronounced “keys”) but also teach you how to interact with both sharks and stingrays. He’s hosted over 2000 guests so he really does know what he’s doing.

You can find his information here.

RUB SHOULDERS WITH CELEBRITIES: As mentioned above, if celebrities are your thing, then we recommend heading to Old Bahama Bay for a drink or 4. Beyonce and Micheal Jordan have stayed here.

PRETEND TO BE IN A COMMERCIAL: You know those Bahama commercials that you see on TV with the most perfect beaches that are almost too good to be true? Yeah, they exist all over the island, but the best one is Gold Rock Beach.

FIND THE BLUE HOLE: Those into snorkeling or paddleboarding will have a blast finding the blue holes.

We cannot recommend Rudy at Green Blue Outdoors more. He knows all the secret spots.

GO TO A FISH FRY: A fish fry is a wonderful experience that takes place only on Wednesdays on the beach- its the perfect place to try out fresh fish, and bar hop.

We recommend Outriggers. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes.


You really can’t go to an island known for its seafood and not eat seafood (well, you can, but we recommend trying the seafood).

OUTRIGGERS:  As mentioned above, Outriggers is the place to go for fish fry, and to get your dance on. Don’t worry if fish isn’t for you- they also serve other things like chicken.

We really recommend the conch fritters. Delicious.

AGAVE: If you’re more into Latin fusion and want to spend the evening with friends drinking  $2 mojitos then this is your place.

We recommend the nacho salad and the tacos.

MANTA RAY BEACH: We’ll be honest, we loved the sunsets here first, but the food is good, and the atmosphere is lively.

OUT DA SEA BAR & GRILL: Pretty much loved everything here- from lobster to pizza, your entire group will have options!

Find some of the best beaches in the world on Grand Bahama island. The complete guide covers everything you need to know! #Freeport #Bahamas #THINGSTODO


While we don’t normally include a guide to Instagram on every post, we felt that Grand Bahama Island and Freeport deserves one.

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The challenge that we had was trying to narrow it down to a few locations. The extremely short list below lists our sure bets where we’re confident that you’ll get that great Instagram shot!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grand Bahama Island a good vacation destination?

Yes, Grand Bahama Island is a great vacation destination with beautiful beaches, water activities, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation and adventure.

What are some popular activities on Grand Bahama Island?

Popular activities on Grand Bahama Island include snorkeling, scuba diving, dolphin encounters, kayaking, and exploring the island’s nature reserves and national parks.

Are there family-friendly attractions on Grand Bahama Island?

Yes, Grand Bahama Island offers family-friendly attractions such as the Lucayan National Park, the Dolphin Experience, and the Grand Bahama Nature Tours.

What is the best time of year to visit Grand Bahama Island?

The best time to visit Grand Bahama Island is during the winter and spring months when the weather is pleasant and there are fewer chances of hurricanes.

Are there luxury resorts on Grand Bahama Island?

Yes, Grand Bahama Island is home to several luxury resorts offering upscale accommodations, fine dining, and a range of amenities for a luxurious vacation experience.

Honestly, there are a hundred more reasons why Grand Bahama Island is the perfect girls getaway destination, but text won’t do it justice. We highly recommend booking a ticket and finding out for yourself! You wouldn’t be disappointed.