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The Modern Gal’s Instagram Guide to Sacramento

Sacramento is currently the fastest-growing big city in California, and a big part of the growth is attributed to the fact that millennials have discovered that it’s actually a super hip place to live and with that comes the search of instagrammable places in Sacramento. Every few months there’s a major remodeling project happening and suddenly we are seeing all-new neighborhoods, restaurants, hipster-approved shopping and innovative outdoor spaces. 

Looking for the most instagrammable places in Sacramento? Well, look no further- we've pulled together the list of all the cute and instagrammable coffee shops, and wall art, and cute ice cream parlors so you can snap away!


After living in San Francisco and San Diego for several years, my husband and I decided to buy our house in Sacramento. While we travel all over, our California-themed travel blog is home-based in Sacramento – after all, it is the Golden State’s capital city! We have spent the last two years discovering all the gems in our new hometown, and we’ve seen so many new businesses opening up too. The once overlooked capital city is now booming with new life… and so many Instagrammable spots!

So, look no further- this ultimate list of all the instagrammable places in Sacramento has everything you need to make sure that your feed is feed with the brightness that California can provide!


Sacramento Eateries with Good Food and Pretty Decor

(Yes, this is the list of Instagrammable places to eat in Sacramento!)

Beast + Bounty – The atmosphere is best described as airy and full of natural light. The aesthetic and decor have a color scheme of leafy greens, blush, crisp white and rose gold accents. Basically feminine and modern perfection! The menu has California healthy eats that are poetry on a plate – very photo-worthy. 

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Milk Money Donuts – Right next door to Beast + Bounty is this urban hip donut shop. The ice cream and donut flavors are super inventive and original – my favorites are Bay Leaf Gelato, Buttermilk Sesame and Strawberry Basil. 

Mendocino Farms – I first heard of Mendocino Farms when I lived in SoCal, they have locations in many popular neighborhoods. I was ecstatic when they opened up a new restaurant in the up-and-coming R District in Sacramento. The menu is filled with healthy and fresh food options, and they served it up super cute cafeteria-style. 

Brunch – We all know brunch is the most important meal of the weekend! Sacramento is America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital which means there are a ton of restaurants serving the freshest ingredients.

In my brunch guide, I’ve compiled a list of my top picks that have high scores in both tasty eats and are also totally Instagram-worthy.

Best Ice Cream Parlors In Sacramento 

There are some awesome old-school ice cream parlors in Sacramento that make for some sweet photo backdrops (the ice cream is pretty darn good too!).

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Cute and Photogenic Coffee Shops In Sacramento

Camelia – I’ve got one word to describe Camelia Coffee – pink! They have the cutest pink tiles which show up great in photos. For all the ladies looking for feminine and modern locations to photograph, this is the one, and no wonder it’s on everyone’s list of instagrammable coffee shops in Sacramento!

Temple Coffee – With several locations scattered around Sacramento, Temple Coffee is probably the most popular local coffee chain. If you ask nicely they’ll make you some very pretty latte art. 

Goodside Coffee: just recently opened in Midtown and it was designed with Instagrammers in mind. Hence the totally photo-worthy mural and modern aesthetic (plus there are lots of windows allowing for plenty of light!), and deserves to be on the list of the top instagrammable coffee shops in Sacramento. 

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Instagrammable  Spots in Sacramento

WAL Public Market – This eclectic marketplace was built inside an old renovated brick factory and it’s filled with charm. The outdoor seating area is an ideal setting for photos, along with the shops and foodie spots. 

Old Sacramento – I first came to visit Old Sacramento when I was a little kid, well over 20 years ago. To this day it remains unchanged, it’s still a tourism hub in Sacramento. The buildings are preserved to look exactly the same way they did during the pioneer gold rush days, except now they are filled with shops and restaurants. Popular photo spots in Old Sacramento are the steam trains, the golden Tower Bridge, the buildings’ architecture and plenty of foodie favorites. 

Display California – We all know California has a reputation for being awesome, and Display California is a store specializing in merchandise made by California brands. This shop is filled with natural light and cool vibes. 

Fabulous 40’s Neighborhood – If you’ve ever seen the Sacramento themed movie Lady Bird then you are familiar with the mansions in the neighborhood dubbed the Fab 40’s. A walk through these streets will give you serious home-envy… these homes are just so fabulous! This area of East Sacramento is popular for photos, pretty much every corner photogenic.

R District – When we first moved to Sacramento, the majority of the R District was under construction. They just recently unveiled the new shops, restaurants and public art… and it’s pretty darn awesome! It has since become everyone’s favorite hangout neighborhood. 

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DOCO – The Downtown Commons of Sacramento also just recently opened up after a complete renovation. The new DOCO has multiple modern outdoor spaces, colorful murals, shops and restaurants. During the holidays they go all out with an ice skating rink and decorations, it’s a great place to take Christmas themed photos. 

Midtown – This is the neighborhood where everyone wants to live. All the best shops and restaurants are within walking distance and the houses are retro Victorian style. There are many whimsical and colorful houses in Midtown, making for ideal photo opportunities. A great place to start the hunt for that perfect Instagrammable house is at the corner of P St and 15th St, there are some pink and purple Victorians if you walk in the direction of 16th St.

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Kimpton Sawyer Hotel – The best modern boutique hotel in Sacramento is located adjacent to DOCO. This beautiful property is filled with stunning photo opportunities, check out their Instagram!  

Uptown Market – The front of the market building has the most awesome Michelle Obama mural, and the inside is very open and airy. Events are hosted at this venue to support local artisans and makers. Check out the hashtag #uptownmarketontheboulevard for inspiration.  

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The Top 10 Favorite Wide Open Walls Murals 

Every year Sacramento’s Wide Open Walls hires artists from all over the world. They are commissioned to create public art murals that are painted throughout Sacramento, so if you’re looking for a great background for those insta shots, we highly recommend checking the following cute walls murals in Sacramento out!


So there you have it, the ultimate list of the best instagrammable places in Sacramento, including the cutest coffee shops, and ice cream parlors to keep the foodies happy too!


About Gennifer:

Gennifer Rose is a California travel and lifestyle blog based out of Sacramento. We specialize in modern family travel, healthy lifestyles and stylish living. You can follow her at GenniferRose.com, and @GenniferRose_Blog on Instagram!



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