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The Contemporary Art Lover’s Guide To Dusseldorf

Contemporary art is a matter of taste. So is “art” for that matter. There is no such thing as good or bad art, only what moves you. And if you’re on the hunt for pieces and installations that make you think, and move you then Düsseldorf, Germany is for you.

Düsseldorf is the perfect example of how a city can rebuild and reframe itself, it’s culture and art after being 85% destroyed. You wouldn’t notice anything amiss if you took a casual stroll in the old town or near the pier, but a quick glance at the history books will tell you that Dusseldorf was one of many German towns destroyed during WWII.

But, don’t let those facts colour your view of this vibrant, artist, bustling city. Düsseldorf is a city made for party lovers, weekenders, art aficionados, and history lovers. The city is a multicultural hotbed where you can easily find Turkish cuisine nestled right next to a sushi restaurant.

In short, there’s something for everyone in Düsseldorf- including art lovers. We spent a weekend searching for hidden gems in the city that is so rich with art and culture and we pulled together our favorites for you.

Here is the Contemporary Art Lover’s Guide to Düsseldorf


The Contemporary Art Lover's Guide To Dusseldorf- Philara

Curated by art collector Gil Bronner in his new exhibition place ( a former factory), the Philara collection features 4 temporary exhibitions per year alongside 1 permanent.

The beauty of this exhibition is that Bronner not only showcases established artists but local emerging ones as well.  You can find art installations in almost every format on display throughout exhibition place.

By making these collections along with pieces from his private collection accessible to the public, he provides a very individual cultural space for Duesseldorf and the region.
In addition, numerous interdisciplinary events including concerts, readings, and lectures are planned.

Address: Sammlung Philara Birkenstraße 47, 40233 Düsseldorf

NRW-Forum Dusseldorf

Classified as more of a cultural centre rather than a museum, the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf is one of those interesting places where the line between art and culture are blurred.

Divided into 3 different exhibitions, the Forum allows you to explore multiple mediums and collections ranging from photography featuring Ralf Brueck, a graduate of the renowned Düsseldorf School of Photography (with the collection exploring digital image manipulation) to a mixed media collection from Olaf Breuning. Futurists will love Planet B, an installation focusing on relocation and establishment on a new planet.

Address: Ehrenhof 2 · D – 40479 Düsseldorf

Setareh Gallery on Konigsallee


One of our favorite Contemporary Art collections in Dusseldorf, the Setarah (which translates to “star” in Farsi) Gallery is the place to go to see some of thebest curated collections. The current show- Genius Loci IV- is curated by Gérard A. Goodrow Joscha Bender, Niklas Beverungen, Jenny Delhasse, Bradley Emerson, Lika Jalagonia, Magdalena Kita, Marleen Müller, Mariam Odishelidze, Michael Sistig, and features some of the moving and thoughtful pieces that we’ve come across in a long time.

The current collection (which will be on display until Aug 20th) blends the line between contemporary and modern art with not only the uses of multiple mediums but also varying subject matters.

Address: Königsallee 27-31  ·  40212 Düsseldorf ·  Germany

There’s so much more to Düsseldorf than meets the eye- and the art culture here is the best example of that. These contemporary art museums in Düsseldorf are a must visit for any visitor!