8 Fun Things to do in Italy on The Ultimate Mother-Daughter Trip

Finding the perfect travel companion can be difficult. Your best friend might be busy, or your boyfriend can’t get time off work. However, you’ll soon realize your mom was and will always be the best travel partner, and as a result, activities will become fun things to do in Italy.

As you’re getting older, you’ll come to the conclusion that walking down random alleys in Italy, eating the best gelato, and trying out your best Italian on the locals with your mom can be some of your best memories in life.

With my mom, I know I can be my true dorky self. Cracking a joke about being a typical tourist or taking a hundred pics to get the perfect shot makes a vacation even more fun than you would have thought!

My mom and I took a tour of Europe, but one of our favorite places was Italy. From the amazing food to the incredible architecture and welcoming people, we never wanted to leave!

With so much to do and see in Italy, I have come up with some of our favorite bonding moments from our trip that I would recommend for you and your mom. Here are 8 fun things to do in Italy together!

1. See the Duomo Florence

The very first “wow” moment we had when visiting Italy, was seeing the Duomo in Florence, also known as the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore.

When taking our walking tour of the beautiful city, all we did was turn the corner to find an extremely elaborate majestic and giant cathedral; it was almost unreal and a really fun thing to do in Italy.

Of course, there was quite a long line to get in, but just seeing the outside, you can only imagine how the inside looked. This was definitely one of the moments on our trip that we knew we would never forget.

2. Throw a Coin in the Trevi Fountain Together

The sight most people are most excited to see in Rome is the Trevi Fountain. This could be because of my nostalgia of watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie one too many times or just how grand it looked in photos. In a sea of tourists and souvenir shops, an almost peaceful and grand fountain awaits you.

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What was most important was to toss a coin in the fountain, and depending on how many coins were tossed, your fate would be decided. If you toss one coin, you will come back to Rome, two coins mean you will be rich, and three coins promise marriage.

My mom and I tossed one coin so I will plan my next trip to Rome sooner than later!

3. Enjoy Spaghetti Allo Scoglio & Wine

My absolute favorite dish in Italy is the spaghetti allo scoglio in Venice. The “sinking city” is known for its delicious seafood pasta fresh with shrimp, mussels, and anything else you can dream of.

You can find this delicacy in pretty much any restaurant that you find. Every night, we made sure to enjoy at least one, or two, glasses of wine with our meal which makes vacationing in Italy that more enjoyable.  

4. Water Taxi in Venice

Although going on a gondola ride is a must in Venice, you also need to go on a water taxi during your vacation. This was one of my mom’s absolute favorite moments of our entire trip and I would completely agree.

Your mom and you will feel like you are in a classic movie scene when riding through the water in this! You’ll get a complete view of the entire city and some amazing pics along with it.

5. Gelato & Shopping

When in Italy, you must have gelato! You can never really go wrong with any gelato shop, either, or how many times you have it because it truly is one of the fun things to do in Italy! I loved opting for unique flavors like cinnamon and ginger, while my mom loved the classic pistachio. While enjoying your sweet treat, why not do some shopping?

Venice was a surprisingly fun place to shop with its many small stores around the city. You can find handmade bracelets for yourself and for your girlfriends back home, cool graphic tees, colorful carnival masks, and even pretty lace umbrellas.

6. Visit Piazzale Michelangelo

While visiting Florence, our tour guide told us that he would be showing us a view that would be worth the wait before checking into our hotel and having dinner. We went up to Piazzale Michelangelo and what we saw took our breath away: a panoramic view of the entire city.

You’ll need to make sure to have a photo op with your mom with this view. You can also check out the iconic statue of David here.

One of the most impressive views in Florence, and therefor high on our Fun things to do in Italy: the stunning Piazzale Michelangelo

7. Have a Caffè in the Streets of Italy

Italy is where you will have the best coffee, so take advantage of that! There are cafés everywhere around Italy, so grab a seat outside and take in the beautiful Italian scenery. This is also the perfect time to sit down for a chat with your mom.

All the walking and sightseeing can get in the way of communicating with your mom and just seeing how she is doing. Talk about your favorite parts of your trip and what you want to do next while also catching up on life, which you may not have been able to do back home.

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8. Be a Local

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! Although it was new for my mom and I, travelling by metro was actually an interesting experience making it one of the more fun things to do in Italy.

Once you know which stations to use and which stops to get off, you’ll feel like a true local. Make sure to look out for any pickpocketing by holding on to your belongings close to you.

You’ll also find that using public transportation like the metro is a lot faster and cheaper than Ubers and taxis. Another local thing you can do with your mom is speak the language! Even saying basic words like “ciao” and “grazie” make you feel more like you are embracing the country that you are in.

Traveling with your mom can be one of the best things you do while visiting a new country. There is a special bond between the two of you that makes exploring an amazing place even more unforgettable. Now you know some of the most fun things in Italy you can do together.

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If you’re still thirsty for more Italian goodies after this trip, it’s easy to add stops, especially if you’re moving around Tuscany.

For instance, add Sienna for a lovely small town vibe, or you can travel from Florence to Pisa in less than an hour (where surprisingly, there’s plenty things to do in Pisa besides their leaning tower.) Whether it is Italy, or somewhere else, safe travels for you and your mom!

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