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Looking for things to do in Basel? We have you covered with finding where to stay, what to do in Basel and where to eat and where to hang out by the canal

The 10 Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland

Lake Lucerne, Zurich, Geneva… Switzerland has a reputation of being picturesque at worst (breathtaking at best). these cities are some of the most coveted in Europe, and they definitely fall on the list of the most beautiful places in Switzerland to visit. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when my love affair with Switzerland began- might have been the first time

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hidden gems in paris

Hidden Gems in Paris You Won’t Find in a Guidebook

Looking for hidden gems in Paris to explore? When you’re in Paris, it’s easy to get swept away in the romance of the city. There you are, enjoying your black coffee and people watching at Aux Folies. You belong here. Just then, your cute waiter comes by, and you fumble for the few French words you remember. Reality comes screeching

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Things to do in Palm Beach- one of the best cities to visit in Florida

15 Cities in Florida That You Need to Visit!

No matter your age or interests, spending time in Florida is something that really needs to be on your bucket list. We spent a month road tripping all around Southern Florida and loved how different each city is, and how there’s a place for everyone to call home for a few days or long term.  Here are the best places

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Looking for the best things to do in Kansas City, MO? We have you covered with all the things to do, see and eat.

The Weekend Guide to Kansas City, MO.

Chances are, unless you are a passionate fan of barbecue food or jazz music, you have never thought of Kansas City, Missouri, as a vacation destination. This small city in the Midwest got its start as a place that people passed through on their way to somewhere else. [easy-image-collage id=5081] But that history contributed to the city’s fame, as dozens

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These long haul flight essentials will make your next flight so much more comfortable. We've tried and tested everything on this list so you don't have to guess.

23+ Long Haul Flight Essentials & Tips for a Comfy Trip

Preparing for your next adventure? Check out our must-have long-haul flight essentials that will make your next flight as easy and breezy as possible.  International travel is always exciting. The trip planning, the pre-departure anticipation, and the thrill of an escape all add up to a great experience. However, unless you’re flying in business or first class, long-haul flights can

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