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5 Travel Related Things That You Need To Do This Year

Chances are that you have something related to travel on your resolutions this year. We all do. Travel is the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves, but instead of heading down south on an all-inclusive trip, here are a few ways to get the most out of your escapes this year. 1. Take a solo trip. We’re all about

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How to Meet People in a New City

There are very few things that we enjoy more in life than traveling- it’s our way of connecting with the world. Travelling teaches us to be humble, to be courageous, to seek adventure, and most of all, to trust our gut- especially when we find ourselves alone in a completely foreign city. So, if you’re the same, enjoy our tried

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9 Surprising Reasons To Travel In The Off Season

Travel is one of those things that we tend put off thinking that we’ll get to it when we get a chance later. That isn’t always the case. The world is changing everyday in every way, and you’ll be surprised at everything you’ll learn. 1. Everything is so much cheaper. Not counting Christmas, and New Years, the months between November-April

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