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Bali for First Timers: Everything You Need To Know

Traveling to Bali has become a bucket-list item for most millennials. From volcanoes rising from the sea, to the deeply-rooted spirituality, Bali offers a savage energetic atmosphere that is a plus for any millennial.

This stunning paradise is known for its peaceful beaches, spiritual connection, tropical landscapes, and exotic cuisine that might make you rethink changing the date on your return ticket, and is unquestionably one of the best places to visit in Indonesia so it’s no wonder that so many people are travelling to Bali for the first time.

But like anywhere else, you might run into a couple of obstacles like where to go in Bali, tipping in Bali, and things to do and not to do, and most importantly, what to pack for Bali.

Everything you need to know for your trip to Bali as a first timers, including what to do, and what tipping in Bali is like.


With the amount of media recent media, we assume that Bali is on everyone’s list,  every digital nomad seems to want to consider Bali a base, and everyone is considering Bali as a honeymoon destination. (Surprisingly, it even makes a great travel destination if you take your kids to Bali.)

However, if this is your first time heading to this little piece of paradise and you’re putting your Bali itinerary together, then fret not because this Bali travel guide for first timers is designed to make your lavish getaway is a relaxing and fun, hassle-free one.

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After making the trek to Bali half a dozen times, and spending close to 8 months there, here are a few things we wished we knew before our first time in Bali including what to do and what to not do in Bali.


Locals Know You’re a Tourist

You stick out like a sore thumb when it’s your first time, which means you’ll wind up being hunted down by dozens of street vendors the moment you walk out of your hotel. The easiest way to navigate the situation is to be polite and tell them no.

Where To Stay If You Want To Be Near Everything

Bali is huge! But if it’s your first time, stick to South and Central Bali which are full of tourists, great nightlife, and plenty of shopping too. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can tackle the entire island on your first time traveling to Bali.

Kuta, is great if you love to party and want the option to spice things up after hitting the beach. Just don’t forget to go wild at the Sky Garden Bali, where you can drink and dance the night away. Seminyak offers tourists some amazing beaches and watersports as well.

But if you want to go surfing, then you’ll definitely want to do it on the Uluwatu Beach, or you can just bask in the gorgeous sunset by the Uluwatu Temple and enjoy the panoramic cliff tops.

On the other hand, if pristine is more your gig, then pristine is what you’ll get in the region of Jimbaran, where you not only get to stay at 5-star hotel resorts, but you’ll get to enjoy some delicious seafood dishes like lobsters and oysters, while embracing the lavish local culture.

Find out if tipping in Bali is a thing in this first timers guide to Bali complete with a Bali itinerary.


While tipping in Bali is considered to be a western concept, and not mandatory, it is generally appreciated by the service staff.  Regardless of whether it’s your first time traveling to Bali or you’re a veteran, you will notice that there is a 10% service charge that shows up on the invoice, it normally either goes to the government or to the establishment, and not the staff ( are paid extremely low wages).

When it comes to tipping in Bali, understanding the local customs can ensure a smooth and respectful experience. While tipping is not mandatory in Bali, it is appreciated for exceptional service. Whether you’re dining at a local warung, enjoying a spa treatment, or using transportation services, it’s helpful to know the standard rules when it comes to tipping in Bali.

Restaurants and Cafes: In most restaurants and cafes, a service charge of 10% is often included in the bill. If the service charge is not included, it is customary to leave a small tip of around 5-10% of the total bill as an appreciation for the attentive service.

Spa and Wellness Services: If you receive a massage, spa treatment, or other wellness services, it is common to leave a tip for the therapist or practitioner. A tip of 10-15% is appreciated, but be sure to check if a service charge has already been included.

Tour Guides and Drivers: When hiring a tour guide or driver for excursions or transportation, tipping is not mandatory but highly appreciated. Consider tipping around 5-10% of the total cost or offering a small amount for exceptional service.

Hotel Staff: Hotel staff members, such as housekeepers or bellboys, appreciate tips for their services. Leaving a small amount of 10,000-20,000 IDR per day for housekeeping or a few dollars for bellboys is customary.

Local Services: When using local services like taxis or ride-hailing apps, tipping is not expected but rounding up the fare can be a courteous gesture. For example, if the fare is 50,000 IDR, rounding up to 55,000 IDR is a kind way to show appreciation.

Remember, while tipping in Bali is similar to tipping elsewhere – a way to express gratitude, it is important to be mindful of the local customs and your own budget. The most important thing is to be respectful and appreciative of the service provided. By understanding the tipping etiquette in Bali, you can enhance your experience and show your gratitude to the hardworking individuals who contribute to making your visit memorable.

The ultimate guide to everything you need to know for Bali for first timers, including where to go in Bali, what to eat, and little things like tipping in Bali. #Bali #Travel #Asia


We’re the Type A is us always wants to be over prepared and pack everything, switching to carry-on life has made it really easy to evaluate what we need to lug from home, and what we can buy when we land. And Bali is one of those places where it’s cheaper and easier to purchase what you need than pay the extra fees and bring things from home.

As always, remember to leave room in your luggage for your new goodies!
Still not sure what to buy in Bali and what to bring from home? Here are a few things we’ve picked up on our travels there!

  • Swimsuits / beach cover-ups
  • Sarongs
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Beach bags
  • Flip-flops / sandals
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Aloe vera / sunscreen /Coconut oil

There are so many places to shop in Bali- from smaller shops to huge malls- our favorites being in Kuta and Seminyak. While shopping center have set prices, you can negotiate in the smaller stalls to get better prices. Also, always remember to convert the amounts in your head to make sure that you’re getting a great deal.

Find out how to put together your Bali itinerary for first timers. Things to know include what to do in Bali, how much to tip in Bali, and where to go to relax.


Obviously, how you structure your Bali itinerary is going to depend on what your interests are,  and how much time you have to spend there, but there a few things that you should know before travelling to Bali for the first time to ensure that your time there is magical as expected.

The Exchange Rate Is Your Buddy

You might not translate well, but your money will. Many tourists from the U.S., New Zealand, and even Australia will be happy to know that their dollars will convert nicely thanks to the exchange rate. But if you’re not sure, you can always check on XE Converter to see if your currency holds water in Bali. Be sure to call your credit card company or bank first. While cash is the preferred the method for tipping in Bali, enough places do accept credit cards that having a no fee card like Wise might be worth checking out. 

The Cost Of Living Is Low

The cost of living is so low, that you can stay in Bali for a whole month if you’d like. It’ll only set you back about $600 a month, which is definitely cheaper than rent in most cities in the west. The most inexpensive restaurant meal costs about 266 IDR, which is about $2, and a Domestic beer will cost about just as much.

Overall, the cost of living in Bali is significantly less than in New York. Now that’s a cost you can sink our teeth into. Remember this when you’re thinking about how much to tip in Bali.

Temple Etiquette: You Might Need a Sarong            

Bali is a deeply spiritual place, so when you enter a temple, think of it as an invite to someone’s home. This means there are certain rules you must obey. So, before you enter any Hindu temple, you’ll need to wear a sarong or a sash to cover your legs below the knees, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman. But don’t expose too much of your upper body either, and that includes bare shoulders. You can rent a sarong and a sash at relatively cheap prices, or you can buy your own if you’re planning on going to several temples.

Travelling to Bali for the first time means know what to do, and what to not do in Bali, including how to rent a scooter in Bali.

Traveling to Bali: What not to do

Don’t Drink The Water

Bali is beautiful, but the Indonesian sanitation and waste disposal standards are not up to 1st world standards and the risk of chemical, metal, and biological contaminants are high, so choose bottled water just to be safe. This tip applies regardless to everyone and not only meant as a Bali for first timers warning.

Put Your Safety At Risk

While most of us from the West don’t really think of travel insurance as an essential item on our list or a big part of our Bali itinerary planning,  it is one of the most important things you can get for your peace of mind. Travel insurance can not only cover medical emergencies, but also covers any travel mishaps like missed flights, and lost luggage. Traveling to Bali should be a great experience, so having the extra added peace of mind is worth it.

Don’t ride a scooter without a helmet

Jumping on a scooter to get around Bali is a lot easier than trying to hail a cab, however, regardless of whether you rent the scooter in Bali yourself, or use a service, please make sure that you have an international license and use your helmet. We’ve seen far too many injuries.

Spend some time in cute cafes. One of our best tips for those traveling to Bali for first timers. #Bali #Indonesia


Bali isn’t an enormous island, but it comes with an enormous amount of options that can seem overwhelming. Let’s get you started with this summary, but before jumping on a plane and traveling to Bali, it’s best is to head over to our extensive Bali area guide to see what each corner has to offer!

Bali’s Beaches Are Sublime

If you’re on the hunt for some of the best places to visit in Indonesia, you obviously have Indonesian beaches on your list and that includes Bali. The beauty of Bali’s beaches is immeasurable, so if you love waves, then come to the Ungasun beaches and recharge your batteries.

You’ll also find plenty of hip clubs where you can completely let loose. Plus, the sunset will inspire you to stay up all night just to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sights.

You can also stop by the beaches in the Bukit Peninsula, with waves that are clearer than those on Ungasun. You can also head to south Bali and swim on the clear waters of Jimbaran’s eye-watering beaches. Bali’s beaches will completely exceed your expectations.

Enjoy The Popular attractions

Go chase a few Bali waterfalls, or take a selfie by the Kintamani volcano and Mount Batur, or another favored tourist destination like the Tegallalang rice terraces in Ubud, which is a sight worth seeing. Even try Ubud’s Monkey Forest, which is a natural forest sanctuary with a horde of grey long-tailed macaques. Or… simply lean back and relax in Canggu.

Everything you need to know about traveling to Bali- including tipping in Bali, places to stay, things to do, and things to eat.

If you’d prefer to splash around without hitting the beach, then you can try the Circus waterpark in Waterbom Bali, or the New Kuta Green Park, which provides loads of fun. Just don’t forget to visit the Puka Mandala temple or the Bakra Sandhi Monument, and while you’re at it, why not pamper yourself at the Ritz Carlton Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort?

Because one of the best reasons of traveling to Bali is being able to ball on a budget and experience luxury at affordable and reasonable rates. 

When it comes to cultural hotspots, luxurious accommodations, unbelievable beaches, there’s no greater place in the world than Bali, so regardless of whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, you can find something new to fill your Bali itinerary every time you go there.

An insiders guide to Bali for first timers, including what to do, where to go in Bali.A guide for Bali first timers detailing how to get the most out of your time including what to buy, where to go in Bali, and what to do.


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