How To Get Featured on Darling Escapes’ Instagram

We get at least 10-15 DM’s a day asking us to repost or share pics on our account, and while we would love to share every single one, there’s a method to our madness when it comes to picking shots that we post.

The @Darlingescapes Instagram account was started as a way to further showcase the epic adventures that ladies go on these days, and that is still our goal.


We want to make sure that every single image on there inspires you to book that ticket, and go have an adventure out there. As such, we make it our mission to showcase the best and visually appealing shots that we can find daily.

Getting featured on our account (and to be honest almost any other Instagram account) isn’t hard. You just have to know the right things to do. Getting featured on accounts such our or ones like us not only puts you in front of thousands of eyeballs, but also can increase the number of people following you!


We’d love to give you a leg up and share with you what we look for when we’re picking shots to repost.

Here are 9 tips on how to get featured on Darling Escapes’ Instagram account.


We check every single feed before we post an account just to make sure that

a) the image actually belongs to you, and

b) and we can actually send followers your way.

c) Make sure your Instagram bio has something about in it.

As a result, having a consistent feed is super important because it can be the thing that makes a new follower decide to follow you or not.


This is pretty self-explanatory.

We need you to use the hashtag #DarlingEscapes so that we know that we have permission to share your image. We provide full credit to you (in the image and in the description).

This is the first place we look when we’re searching for a new image to post.


On an average day we get anywhere between 3000-4000 notifications so unfortunately tagging us in the descriptions or comments could mean that your image notification might get buried before we can get to it.

The best way to ensure that we see the image that you want us to see is to tag us in the photo. We can check those at any time and will most likely come across yours way faster.


The content on our feed isn’t hard to figure out. We post epic shots from lady travelers.

That’s it.

99.9% of our shots has a female traveler in it in a stunning background. The trick is knowing what type of content we post, and sharing those images. We don’t post things other than that.

Sharing pics of your pets or your kids (even though we’re suckers for cute baby pics) isn’t something we’re going to post only because our audience isn’t the one you want following you anyway.


With the exception of the time that we’re on the road, we tend to post new images around 9AM -12PM EST. The trick here is to tag us around that time so your images come up in our feed first.  This obviously can be different for other featured accounts but we tend to stick to our routine.

We also like posting images within 24-48 hours of seeing them, so you never have to wait!



We like new friends, and we love meeting new people. We also check every single profile that leaves us a comment, and have reached out to a few in the past for takeovers, and guest posts. You never know where an online relationship can take you.


We get anywhere between 10-15 emails a day asking us to post pictures, and while we do share some, we just don’t have the capacity to share every single one. So before sending an email with image, take a look at the website and see if there is any other way that we can collaborate together (we’re open to photo diaries, guest posts etc)


One of the main points of getting featured on any re-post account is gaining followers, and following up and interacting with the people who leave comments, and say nice things is the easiest way to do that. Be sure to check in 2-3 times and see what people are saying and answer any questions that might have. They are already interested in your images, this could be the thing they need to become your biggest fan!


This is going to sound like we’re being sticklers, but make it easy for us and post square or vertical images. We can screenshot and crop those easier when we repost them. Horizontal ones make our live hard.


Getting featured on any account is a great feeling, but it also starts with knowing what your goals are, and what accounts fit those goals. From there, make a list of 4-5 accounts and study them to see what they like and post and see if any of your images fit those.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this was super helpful! Would love to be featured someday 😀

  2. What great guidelines for getting featured on any Instagram site. I love yours so much due to the pics of the women in the images and lack of selfies.

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