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HotelTonight Promo Code : Save 20% on Your First Stay

It’s hard to explain how much we love HotelTonight. The mobile app is part of our travel tool kit, because it allows us to find great deals without the stress (and the HotelTonight promo code is a great way to try out the service). It has changed the way we travel by taking the stress out of finding hotels, and finding accommodations that much easier- whether we’re looking for a hotel for tonight after landing into a city last minute finding last minute hotel deals used to stress us out) , or planning a trip 100 days in advance.

Code: FANWAR13
Note: Get up to $65 (20%) in instant credit with this HotelTonight coupon code (we’ll also get a bonus).

We’re loved HotelTonight since it launched in 2015, and consider it one of the reasons behind us becoming better and braver travellers.

Get more out of your hotel. Use this HotelTonight promo code and save $25 on your next stay!


In simplest terms, HotelTonight lists the lowest rates for hotels that you can find anywhere from same day all the way up to 100 days in advance.  The hotels are vetted so we don’t have to read a ton of reviews.

They are so confident about helping find the BEST rates that they work ‘round the clock to make sure you get the best rates on HotelTonight. If you do find a lower price elsewhere – (and it meets all the conditions here) – they will top up your account with HT credits equal to the difference between what you paid on HotelTonight and the lower price. 

And using the HotelTonight coupon gives you a lower rate too.

The thing the we love out HotelTonight is that they focus on quality over quality so you’re never overwhelmed with options that don’t live up to their standards. 

Get more out of your hotel. Use this HotelTonight promo code and save $25 on your next stay. Perfect for last minute getaways too!


Less than 10 seconds. Seriously.

Ok, it might take a bit longer to set up your account (we set ours up in 2 minutes- and that’s while redeeming a promo code for HotelTonight). One of the features we love is the option of using Paypal or credit card for payment.

Once that’s done, you can find a hotel and book a hotel for tonight or for up to 100 days in advance in a few seconds.

The HotelTonight App is one of the best and easiest to use apps out there, and really easy to love even if you’re not super tech savvy. 

Code: FANWAR13
Note: Save 20% with this HotelTonight coupon code (we’ll also get a bonus).

Get $25 credit on your next hotel stay with this HotelTonight promo code!

HOW TO GET A HotelTonight Promo Code?

So, you’ve decided to use the HotelTonight coupon code and use the free credit? Excellent news! The HotelTonight promo code is a great and simple way to get started!

Remember when we said that it only took a few minutes to get started? Well, here is what we did:

  1. Download the app (available on both iOS and Andriod)
  2. Create an account (You’ll need your name, address, and payment method- credit card or Paypal)
  3. Click on the button that says ‘Redeem Promo Code’ 
  4. Type in the code: FANWAR13

And you’re done!  You’ll see the HotelTonight credit applied to your first booking of $135+.

This is perfect for those last minute getaways where you don’t want to spend a ton, but still want to stay somewhere awesome. 

Code: FANWAR13
Note: Save up to $65 with this HotelTonight coupon code (we’ll also get a bonus).


Simple answer- everyone. 

More detailed answer- the HoteltTonight coupon codes are work on your first booking of $135 or more (excluding taxes and fees).


And there it is- one of the many reasons why we love HotelTonight. The HotelTonight coupon code is one of the best ways to get started with the app, but once you’re on it, you’ll find 100 other reasons why you’ll keep using it. They also recently launched Daily Drop which gives you killer deals on some amazing hotels for a short period of time.

Honestly, having an app that shows us a curated, and vetted list of hotels at rates that are guaranteed to be the lowest around means that we really don’t stress about where we’ll lay our head that night. And that is the best feature of all. 

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  1. Ari Weingrad says:

    Nice article. I have been using Hotels Tonight for a few years now and saved a fortune. I also like the booking process, it’s super fast and simple.

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