Visit These Hidden Gems in Europe and Be a Trendsetter

We are all aware of the gems in Europe—Paris, London, and Rome. They are cities of beauty and history, and indeed, they’re on everyone’s bucket list. But what about certain hidden gems in Europe that can also leave you in awe?

What about the less traveled cities and even more loved by plenty of tourists?

Hidden gems places to visit in Europe!

If you want to skip on the popular attractions, that’s okay! There’s so much underrated beauty to see in Europe.

Also, if you want to be a trendsetter on a budget, here are some amazing cities you need to check out.

Hidden Gems in Europe

The best photo spots in Budapest.

Budapest, Hungary

Did you know Budapest is often called the “Paris of the East?” Thanks to its stunning architecture and romantic atmosphere, it’s worthy of the name. The city is also famous for its thermal baths, such as the historic Gellert Baths and the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. 

So, a great idea is to take a walk along the Danube River or look at the view from Fisherman’s Bastion. Just imagine how many amazing pics you can take while exploring the Bastion. The city’s sites look especially beautiful at night.

Hidden gems places to visit in Europe!

Riga, Latvia

Riga is one of our favorite hidden gems in Europe and a Baltic treasure thanks to its Gothic spires, Art Nouveau buildings, and lively arts community. The Old Town has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site with its picturesque alleys and ancient structures. If you want to rest for a bit and load up on caffeine, Riga has a lively café culture worth exploring. On top of that, it is filled with lush and green spaces where you can rest your eyes.

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Lisbon, Portugal

With its pastel buildings, historic neighborhoods, and iconic yellow trams, Lisbon is an explosion of color. You can take in the sights and sounds of the Alfama district. You can also see the Jeronimos Monastery and climb the Belem Tower. A trip to Lisbon would be incomplete without experiencing its delicious food, contemporary art, and traditional Fado music.

Hidden gems places to visit in Europe!

Wroclaw, Poland

Another affordable city with a beautiful nickname is Wroclaw. Often called the “Venice of Poland,” this city is spread across 12 islands connected by over 100 bridges. The city’s Market Square is one of Europe’s largest and full of colorful townhouses and lively cafés. Snap as many pictures as possible and watch how those Instagram likes explode on your phone. Wroclaw is home to remarkable bronze sculptures called “Dwarfs.” Each one has its own story. So, make sure you don’t miss any of them.

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Porto, Portugal

Porto is famous for its beautiful riverside views, its old buildings, and, of course, its port wine. Grab your phone and explore the winding, cobblestone alleyways of the historic Ribeira neighborhood. Then, stop by the world-renowned Livraria Lello. Lastly, treat yourself to a boat ride down the Douro River. Thanks to its laid-back atmosphere and lively culture, you may experience the best of both worlds in this city.

Hidden gems places to visit in Europe!

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Do you want to feel like you’ve been transported into a fairytale? That’s the magic of Ljubljana. It’s a charming green capital city that feels like a fairytale town. Throughout the city, you’ll have the chance to admire the Ljubljanica River in all its glory. Just imagine the beautiful scenery surrounding it and all the boat rides you can take for relaxation.

You’ll love visiting the city because of its lively markets, dynamic café culture, and well-preserved medieval architecture. Stroll around Tivoli Park to see locals and tourists enjoying city life. As a cherry on top, explore the Ljubljana Castle for those amazing panoramic shots.

Athens, Greece

Athens is a city where ancient history meets contemporary culture, and while most do visit it en route to the Greek islands, this charming city is somewhat of hidden gems in Europe for those willing to spend a few days or a week here. For history buffs, the Acropolis and Parthenon are must-see historical sites. If you’re more into a “wine and dine” type of experience, visit the neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki. And that’s a few out of thousands of things you may discover in Athens.

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