A Perfect Girls’ Trip to Curaçao

Picture a quaint Dutch town, add a bunch of colors to it, place it in a tropical island and you’ve got yourself a Curaçao. We still can’t stop gushing about this slice of Caribbean paradise where untouched nature, dreamy turquoise waters, and colorful buildings are the norm. If you’re currently plotting your next escape with your girlfriends, Curaçao is the perfect go-to place for that!

We’ve pulled together the perfect itinerary for a girls’ trip to Curaçao so you can start plotting your escape to one of the most underrated beach destinations. Warning: You might wind up ditching your return flight!



Explore Willemstad

Take Amsterdam’s architecture, splash it with a rainbow color palette, sprinkle it with Caribbean vibes, and you’ve got a pretty good picture of what Willemstad is all about. We’ve been to some seriously colorful cities around the world, but nothing quite as vibrant as Curaçao’s capital!

Make sure to check out the iconic Queen Emma Bridge for the best views of Willemstad’s skyline, the quintessential floating market, and eat everything at Plasa Bieu, the island’s oldest food market.

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Find all the gems in Scharloo

Cross Queen Wilhelmina Bridge and bam! You’ve found Curaçao’s best-kept gem. If artsy vibes, colorful buildings, and jaw-dropping street art are your jam, you’ll find yourself in heaven here!

Make sure to pop by at Francis Sling’s workshop at Bargestraat 31a. Francis is an internationally-acclaimed artist who is best known for being the artist behind most of Willemstad’s wall murals!

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Pamper Yourself at 8, The Experience

No girls’ trip to Curaçao is complete without a visit to 8, The Experience. This experiential spa offers open-air treatments with a view, a pool, infinity jacuzzis perched up on a cliff, and so much more.

A favorite for us were its themed rooms that make you feel as though you’re traveling to the world’s most challenging places – all right from the comfort of a luxury spa – there’s an Igloo room, a Rainforest Steam Room, and a Sahara-themed room!

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Create Your Own Chichi Doll at Serena’s Art Factory

Chichi Dolls are a signature staple of Curaçao’s culture. Sporting vibrant dresses featuring island-inspired patterns, these dolls are a tribute to big sisters, who are considered female role models in the Caribbean community and an important part of the island’s colorful heritage.

At Serena’s Art Factory, you’ll get the chance to learn everything you need to know about Chichi Dolls right before trying your hand at painting your own.

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Learn About Aloe Vera at CurAloe Plantation

When you picture a Caribbean island, your mind probably goes straight to palm-fringed beaches and turquoise waters, but there’s so much more to this island than its incredible beaches! Curaçao is gifted with warm weather year-round, which makes it a paradise for all sorts of vegetation to thrive. Head inland to learn all about the largest aloe vera plantation and to find one of our favorite Instagram spots in Curaçao!

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Visit Curaçao’s Herbalist

The island’s flora is an important aspect of life in Curaçao, so make sure to pop by at Den Paradera, a healing herb garden where learn all about the island’s curative plants. While here, you’ll meet Dina Veeris, who is not only Curaçao’s herbalist who is known for treating everything from dull love lives to sleeping troubles with her secret natural remedies.

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It wouldn’t be a guide to Curaçao if we didn’t include a list of our favorite bars and restaurants for our fellow foodies. We couldn’t get enough of exploring the island through our stomachs – its cuisine is an interesting blend of European gastronomy with Caribbean flavors that will make your taste buds swoon!

Breakfast at Beans – Somewhat of a hidden gem but a favorite amongst Willemstad’s locals, Beans is the perfect place to have breakfast or to pop in for a cup of coffee. Set inside a bright-red colored building, make sure to try their famous Poké bowls, a traditional rice dish that focuses on fresh fish, meat, or veggies. If you’re more in the mood for a light snack, a delicious pasty dough roll filled with meat or cheese known as pastechi will do the trick!

Eater Fleur de Marie – Perched up on Willemstad’s artsy neighborhood, Fleur de Marie Eatery is a newly-opened eatery that focuses on offering organic ingredients on their menu. Serving a blend of farm fresh and seasonal food in an eclectic space, you’ll love to take a break here after taking pictures of all the colorful buildings that make Scharloo the most instagrammable neighborhood on the island.

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Mood Beach – As far as hot spots in Curaçao go, Mood Beach is definitely high up on the list. This trendy beachfront restaurant is the perfect place to have dinner with your gals after a day of full-on exploring. We fell hard for its boho-decor and unbeatable cocktails! If you’re up for partying, Mood Beach is definitely the place to be after sunrise.

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Breakfast at BijBlauw – It’s not every day that you get to have breakfast with uninterrupted views of the Caribbean, but at BijBlaw, that’s exactly what you’ll get. On the menu are granola bowls, fluffy pastries, and the best fresh orange juice we had during our time on the island.

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Lunch at Karakter – Think trendy lounge chairs and hammocks, and an endless selection of tapas paired with views of the Caribbean as far as the eye can see.

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Zest Beach Cafe – We can’t get enough of all the incredible oceanfront dining spots we visited in Curaçao, so here’s another of our favorite spots for a relaxing respite on the beach.

Lunch at Number 10 – Aside from their varied selection of healthy dishes prepared with local ingredients, we loved the overall vibes of this cafe. If insta-worthy spots are your jam, you’ll fall just as hard for this place as we did. Think cacti-lined patios, colorful walls, elegant chandeliers, and themed rooms to get an idea of what this cozy coffee shop is all about!

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Insider tip: There’s an insane art installation behind this café. Walk into the forest for a few minutes and you’ll stumble across Curaçao’s weird and wonderful. We’re talking styled bathtubs, old cars turned into pieces of art, and a huge church made entirely out of thorns. Yep, you read that right!

St. Tropez –  This trendy bar is nestled in the heart of Willemstad’s hippest neighborhood overlooking the ocean. Being a favorite hangout spot for locals and visitors alike, a relaxed night out here is a must on any girls’ trip to Curaçao.

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Kome – Offering locally-sourced ingredients in a cozy ambiance, having dinner at Kome is a must on any Curaçao itinerary. Try their smoked beef brisket, the local catch of the day and don’t forget to take a stab a Curaçao’s famous fries while here.

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Equus – Set inside a former horse stable, Equus is one of Curaçao’s most famous spots to have dinner and grab a drink. Forget menus, plates, and cutlery, this restaurant takes it back to the basics with grilled kabobs. Note that it’s only open on Friday nights and they don’t take reservations, so make sure to get there early.

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Landhuis Jan Thiel If you’re into quieter getaways, you’ll find heaven here! This incredible resort blends eco-living and laid-back luxury seamlessly. Set in what once was a plantation, this property is an oasis in the middle of the island’s untouched nature. We loved how homey it felt – from the hearty breakfast the owners cooked for us, to the hand-made soaps and the ice-cold minted water we found next to our nightstand every time we got back to our rooms.

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BOHO Bohemian Boutique HotelSitting on the heart of the most colorful neighborhood in Willemstad, this gorgeous boutique hotel is the perfect place to stay if you enjoy being in the middle of the hustle and bustle. We loved its boho decor, its Moroccan-style patio, and the colorful views from our balcony!


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From its picture-perfect buildings to its beaches and its incredibly welcoming atmosphere, we fell head over heels in love with this Caribbean paradise. Not only is it the perfect island for a relaxing yet adventurous respite, we also couldn’t get enough of its food scene and artsy vibes. We’re convinced a girls’ trip to Curaçao should be on your bucket list!


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This post was created in partnership with the Curaçao Tourist Board. However, the opinions are all ours!


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