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The Foodies Guide to Lambton County

Weekends away with the girls are amazing- weekends away with friends who are just as big of foodies as you are, are even more exciting. So, if you’re like us, and travel for food (true story), then Lambton County hosts a handful of activities including great food, great drinks, great people and a great time. With it being 2.5 hours away from Toronto, this beautiful escape is the best spot for a party with the girls. Lambton County is also known as Ontario’s Blue Coast and is home to not one, but two Blue Flag Beaches.

Both of these inviting and beautiful beaches were awarded this eco-certification due to their safety standards for swimmers and great water quality.

Where to Stay

Holiday Inn Sarnia- Point Edward

It is important to have a comfortable and welcoming stay while on your bachelorette trip. This is exactly what the Holiday Inn Sarnia offers. This welcoming and comforting stay is located in the beautiful marina setting in the village of Point Edward. Nothing makes a bachelorette party fun (and safe) like being able to walk back to your hotel from the location you were drinking at (and trust me, there’s plenty of places).

This inn is within 10 minutes, walking distance, away from the Bluewater BorderFest in Centennial Park and provided that your road trip packing list is up to date, you’ll find everything else that you need here.. This is a very popular and fun option for a group of girls ready to party and let loose! The Holiday Inn Sarnia is also centrally located to shopping stores, parks and beaches. It’s definitely recommended that you wake up early and enjoy some great company with a delicious and phenomenal breakfast.

Pine Dale Motor Inn

Nothing parallels a bachelorette party better than an indoor salt water pool with a whirlpool. Perfect for relaxing and hanging out. Pamper yourself alongside your friends with their heated amenities and sauna. To pamper yourself is to pamper your mind. Take yourself to the pool or ocean and relax for a long while. Pine Dale Motor Inn is just a short walk from Grand Bends famous beach. This inn is surrounded by gorgeous park-like gardens and is a great central for photos with the whole entire group.

Where to Wine

Alton Farms Estate Winery


The terrace at Alton Farms Estate Winery is covered in beautiful flora, making it a gorgeous and quaint experience. The greatest thing about this homey place is that the wine is entirely made from hand. Yep, that is correct, every glass of wine that is produced and consumed from this winery is made from hand. You can just taste the quality and pureness of the wine.

The process of making the wine by hand, significantly reduces the chemical input. This winery started out as a bucket list item for the owners, Marc and Anne Alton, and then shortly became a successful business and winery in 2005. Good wine and a fun time can not be passed up here.

Dark Horse Estate Winery

The beautiful Lake Huron surrounds this bold and tasteful winery. Attendance to a bachelorette party calls for leaving all stress and worries back at home. With this amazing winery’s unique and original architecture, it’ll have you and your bachelorettes feeling stress free with some fine wine. Not only is this place perfect for relaxing, it’s perfect for hosting a wedding, so while you’re there you might as well look at the venue.

What to Do

Canatara Blue Flag Beach

This awesome beach is one of twenty-six that have earned the Blue Flag award. It is a great and fun destination for any group. At sunset you can take cute and candid photos to fill up your favorite social media outlets and show that you, in fact, were there with the bachelorette party. The coolest thing about this beach is that you are able to rent beach and water gear.

Bluewater BorderFest

If you’re ready to party on your bachelorette party, then this is the place. Bluewater BorderFest is Sarnia’s biggest party of the summer. In Centennial Park you get to dance around and see in concert your favorite Canadian and American artists. It’s such a fun time and thank goodness it’s staggering distance from the Holiday Inn.

Grand Bend Blue Flag Beach

It’s time for you and your party to get some ‘vitamin sea’ in on this beautiful 20 acre beach. Although the beach sounds huge, it fills up very quickly- especially on the weekends when tourists and the locals come on their day off. A perk to the beach filling up quickly is that you and your lady friends are in the prime spot for people watching. What a better way to spend the day than at the beach, with some drinks and nice giggles.


Grand Bend Parasail

Parasailing is a must-do when you’re with a group of people, especially a bachelorette party. This fun and exhilarating activity brings you 1,000 feet up into the air as you’re being pulled behind a boat. As you are 1,000 feet above ground level you can see every part of this county, but you especially get a beautiful view of Lake Huron. This awe-striking view is one to die for. It’s a moment you and your party will never forget, hopefully like the rest of the weekend as well.


Where to Dine

Mad Taco

This fun, appealing and delicious food truck is perfect for a warm beach day. Its location is prime. Grab your food to-go, and head down to the beach with a huge taco in hand. This is also a great option for after a long day in the sun or walking around. There’s just something about a big ole tasty and authentic taco that makes everything in life so much better. One of the best things about this food truck is that its organic and locally sources its ingredients. You can easily split food items amongst you and the whole party of ladies, such as their desert taco. This fresh and traditional taco truck is definitely a must while on a bachelorette getaway.

Alternate Grounds Dockside

With this fun and explorative trip to a beach town, you can’t expect to leave without a nautical food option. With a five minute drive from the Holiday Inn Sarnia, this place sits with a marina view- the best view in the county to be exact. Along with their incredible view, Alternate Grounds Dockside has incredible all fresh food. If you go on a weekend where the weather is quite poor, worry not. This restaurant has an amazingly beautiful interior view of the marina.

Midori Sushi Bar & Restaurant

This sushi bar can double as a casual lunch or a girls night out. You can also call in and pick it up to-go. Sushi is the perfect complimentary food for a bachelorette party, so this is in fact the hot spot. It’s every sushi lover’s dream. If a girl in your party isn’t a fan of fish that’s totally okay. This amazing place also specializes in appetizers, salads, stir fries and more.

Dave’s Pub and Grill (Oakwood Resort)

With its setting of an urban pub but the feeling of a Canadian Lodge, this is the perfect place to get your drink on with the girls in the party. Aside from getting your drink on, they also have delicious and luxurious meals to compliment it’s beautiful vibe. It’s just the perfect place to kick back, relax and enjoy.

Schoolhouse Restaurant

Is it actually a bachelorette party without brunch? Absolutely not. Brunch is so much fun and is a must-do event while with a bachelorette party, especially in Lambton County. Enjoy your favorite brunch items at the Schoolhouse Restaurant with their traditional style of food. Everything is prepared from scratch the “traditional” way, ensuring the best quality ingredients on your plate. Fun fact: the “Schoolhouse Restaurant” was originally Grand Bends first school house first built in 1874. While you soak in some food and alcohol you can learn some new things about this building and county as well!


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