When we think about traveling for events, it’s usually fairly casual activities that come to mind. For instance, concerts, festivals, and sporting events are all popular draws. These can all make for excellent reasons to visit a given destination of course, but they don’t always blend in with a luxury travel mindset. In this post, we want to look at a few types of events that you can easily fit into a luxury getaway – and some of them even blend to some extent with the aforementioned categories!

Museum Exhibitions

Part of the point of exhibitions in museums, or at least traveling ones, is that they rove from one establishment to the next. Thus, to some extent, you can afford to wait for an appealing collection to come your way. However, museum exhibitions also give you a nice excuse to travel to some of the world’s biggest and most interesting cities, stay in high-end hotels, and dress up a bit to wander into museums. And you may be surprised at how far beyond basic paintings and sculptures some of the collections go. For instance, at the time of this writing the British Museum in London is gearing up for an exhibition on warriors of ancient Siberia, known as the Scythians. Through numerous recovered treasures, the exhibition will tell these people’s story. This sort of thing is a wonderful incentive to travel for art lovers (or history fanatics for that matter).


Film Festivals

Film festivals are among the best events for travel, provided you make sure you’ll have access before you book tickets. Occasionally a film festival, or at least the most interesting parts of it, will be exclusive to people in the industry. Generally speaking though you can at least enjoy some kind of access, and usually the events are full of sharply dressed attendees, excellent films, and celebrities. With the best festivals taking place in locations like Cannes, Manhattan, Toronto, and Park City, there’s usually a lot to enjoy outside of the festival as well.

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Formula 1 Competitions

You may have slightly less than luxurious images in mind when you think of professional racing. To a degree, it does seem like a hot and sweaty sport to witness! But while this can be the case, there’s also an air of exclusivity to Formula 1, thanks to its decorated past and some of the incredible destinations the tour travels to each year. That tour begins in Melbourne with the Australian Grand Prix, but tours to places like Monaco, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi throughout the season. Many of the destinations are great places to camp out in a high-end hotel and explore for a few days before watching the races.

Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are somewhat like film festivals in that they tend to involve sharp-dressing visitors and celebrity watching, and they’re usually situated in interesting cities that are fun to travel to. They can also be a little bit exclusive, so as with major film festivals it’s a good idea to look into ticketing options well in advance. But if you’re more interested in fashion than film, you’d do well to do some research about shows in cities you might be interested in.

Wine Festivals

This is a fun alternative to beer and food festivals, which are probably more popular for international travel. You may be surprised at how many international wine events there actually are, and in a way they’re even more interesting than your average beer festival. With beer, you can certainly get a taste of a given region’s breweries, but to some extent you’ll probably be sampling a version of something you’ve had before. Wine, at least if you’re relatively experienced drinking it, is usually more unique to its location, which makes the festivals all the more appealing. The events can get fairly festive – they’re not uptight tastings with small crowds – but they can still be enjoyed in the midst of a comfortable luxury getaway, usually to a beautiful destination.

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