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Paris is full of hidden gems. We've pulled together a list of our favorite secret spots in Paris to give you a different point of view.

Hidden Gems in Paris You Won’t Find in a Guidebook

Looking for hidden Paris gems to explore to make you feel like you belong here? When you’re in Paris, it’s easy to get swept away in the romance of the city. There you are, enjoying your black coffee and people watching at Aux Folies. You belong here. Just then, your cute waiter comes by, and you fumble for the few

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Answering the ultimate question- what do you pack for fall and winter in Europe . This packing list for Europe in the winter has everything you need. #Europe #Packinglist


Packing is a chore that no one enjoys. The number of times we’ve sat there and thought- “what I should I pack for Europe? Or what do I pack for Europe in the fall specifically” is more than we could count. Europe in the fall requires a little more planning that Europe in the summer. There are layers to consider

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Everything you need to know to get the most out of the Cologne Christmas Markets, including where to go, what to do, and what to eat.

Ultimate Guide to Cologne Christmas Markets

Once we’re past July and start heading into the second half of the year, it means Christmas is just around the corner, and you must prepare for the best time of the year. Starting at the end of November, in the beautiful city of Germany, Cologne – a stunning destination all over the year – one of the world’s greatest German

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10 Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when my love affair with Switzerland began- might have been the first time I set foot in Zurich back in 2003 on my first backpacking trip in Europe, or when we visited as a family for a wedding back in 2007, but Switzerland has always pulled me in a way that few other countries have,

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Looking for the best Berlin Christmas Markets? We've got you covered with everything that you need to know including where to stay.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Berlin Christmas Markets

Christmas is a very special time in Germany. Very few European countries celebrate this holiday with as much passion and fun as they do. One of the best things about going to Germany during this time of the year is visiting its many Christmas markets (and finding the best Berlin Christmas Markets is a challenge in itself). These typically open

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Guide: Bucharest old town nightlife

The Ultimate Guide to The Bucharest Nightlife Scene

Seriously, one of our favourite things to experience is the Bucharest nightlife because party time in Bucharest is where the city comes alive. As one of the lesser travelled Eastern European countries, Romania holds a special little place that you can come to party harder and party for less. Bucharest is still mostly unspoiled by the groups of hen and

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