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The Ideal 2 or 3 Days in Budapest Itinerary

The best cities for travel don’t need a lot of work. If you find a city where simply walking the streets leaves you in awe, you know you’re in the right place. The capital of Hungary definitely fits the bill, old and magical as it is. If you have 2 days in Budapest or even 3 days in Budapest, it’s

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Best Photo Spots in Budapest For Photographers and Instagrammers

Budapest is known for many things- it’s a great European getaway filled with mouthwatering food, beautiful views, and great history. Split by the Danube, Budapest actually has two different sides and vibes- Buda and Pest. Both sides have wonderful views and is a photographer’s dream. So, if you’re like us, and tend to carry your camera everywhere with you, then

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Roaming the streets will never get old, but there are a million lesser-known sights in town: our 25 hidden gems in Rome

25 Hidden Gems in Rome You Won’t Find in a Guidebook

Could one spend a lifetime exploring Rome without getting bored? Yes, but while we’re daydreaming of moving to Italy with charming men and endless gelato, it’s good to make some choices and narrow down the sights a bit. We’ve set up some of the top hidden gems in Rome that most tourists visiting don’t get to see. Rome is a

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Bruges, also knows as Brugge, is a must for any history buff - it's old European charms makes it one of our hidden gems in Europe to travel to

10 European Small Towns To Visit In 2020

Not many people will debate you that the Eiffel tower is a stunner, but there’s more to Europe than its big names. Picking your next travel destination can be a tricky balance between seeing a region’s most treasured spots and experiencing something unique. There’s a reason millions of travelers visit the same highlights – because they are just that… a

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Finding all the best gems of Europe including the charming, Riga

3 Places To Show You How Different Europe Really Is

If there is one thing all American travelers visiting Europe agree on is that it’s fundamentally different. On one hand, you won’t find any countries there without at least a few ruins of castles, fortresses, and similar historic sites. On the other, their cities and towns are not planned at all – many of them have grown organically around a

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Some trips will be dear for a lifetime: get your mom to Italy and find out all the Fun Things to do in Italy on a mother-daughter trip!

8 Fun Things to do in Italy on The Ultimate Mother-Daughter Trip

Finding the perfect travel companion can be difficult. Your best friend might be busy, or your boyfriend can’t get time off work. However, you’ll soon realize that your mom was and will always be the best travel partner! As you’re getting older, you’ll come to the conclusion that walking down random alleys in Italy, eating the best gelato, and trying

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