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Pagoda's galore all over Vietnam, so it's key info when looking for what to do in Ho Chi Minh

What to Do in Ho Chi Minh City: a Beginner’s Guide to Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, formally known as Saigon, can be a vacationer’s paradise if you know some of the hot things to do. This city is a dynamic and historical place to visit any time of the year, and it’s honestly, one of those cities that changes on a daily basis. Trust me, the number of changes that I noticed from

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Overwhelmed with options of what to do in Bali? Check out this complete travel guide to Canggu Bali to save you time

The Ultimate Guide to Canggu, Bali: Where to Eat, Shop and Play

Canggu is a small village on the coast of Bali that has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Today, it is in an interesting transitional period from being a quiet, farming village to becoming a famous resort town. Every year, more and more people visit this place for its beautiful beaches, ancient temples, great food, and laid back

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When all corners are different and filled with gems, how to know where to stay in Bali? Time to explain all corners of Bali

Where to Stay in Bali for First-time Visitors

Finding the best place to stay in a different country is always tricky –you’ll need to dedicate some time to research which areas to avoid, which areas have better experiences, and so on. Bali, although being a small island, offers dozens of places to stay and finding the perfect place might be difficult if you’ve never visited before. There are

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Travel with us to middle eastern beauty with this list of top things to do in Jordan

10 Things to do in Jordan You Won’t Forget

There is something I have to confess right from the start: I’ve completely fallen in love with Jordan and the Middle East. The country was on my travel list for a long time now, but from various reasons I always delayed the visit for another year. Recently, the time to visit Jordan had finally arrived. I started with great expectations

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From Asia to Africa and beyond; where in the world are our 5 incredible (and ethical!) wildlife experiences to be found?

Incredible (and Ethical) Wildlife Experiences Around the World

Wildlife experiences around the world are on most travelers’ bucket list. The chance to get up and personal with wild animals while The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” plays in the background is a dream most travelers at heart have shared for decades. In recent years, however, the reality behind many wildlife activities has surged and travelers are shedding light

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Eats, sights, stay and how to wear a hijab are all covered in this Esfahan Travel guide

Esfahan Travel Guide: A Colourful Trip to Iran

Esfahan (also known as Isfahan) is rarely known to the broader Western or Eastern worlds, despite being a UNESCO site. The more reason to prepare yourself for a visit best with this Esfahan travel guide. The reason of Esfahan’s relative ‘anonymity’ is simple, as its host country Iran has been nearly demonised in media. With an unclear Middle East situation,

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