Open Positions

Hiring: Social Media Manager (Part-Time) with a Focus on Travel Content**


  • Developing Social Media Strategies: Collaborate in formulating innovative strategies to amplify the online presence of travel-focused brands.
  • Trend Analysis: Stay at the forefront of social media trends, with an emphasis on travel. Conduct ongoing research to adapt emerging trends for brand enhancement.
  • Creative Captioning: Utilize your flair for writing to craft engaging and relevant captions for social media posts.
  • Content Creation: Develop and curate visually appealing and engaging content for platforms like TikTok and Instagram, focusing on reels and posts that resonate with travel enthusiasts. Creativity and an eye for aesthetic quality are crucial in this role.
  • Account Management: Oversee daily operations of social media accounts, primarily TikTok and Instagram, with potential involvement in Facebook and Twitter. Responsibilities include engagement strategies, community management, and maintaining regular posting schedules.
  • Research for Hashtags and Keywords: Use your research skills to identify impactful hashtags and keywords to increase content visibility and engagement.


  • Experience: Demonstrated experience in social media management or a related field, with a focus on content creation and curation for TikTok and Instagram.
  • Platform Knowledge: Comprehensive understanding of different social media platforms and their unique audience dynamics.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent writing and verbal communication abilities.
  • Passion for Social Media: A strong interest in keeping up with social media trends, particularly in the travel industry.
  • Work Approach: Ability to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Technical Proficiency: Familiarity with AirTable, Google Drive, Slack, Canva, Capcut (or other video editing apps/platforms)

**Location Preferences:** Remote, but our team works in the Eastern Time Zone.

**Weekly Time Commitment:** 10-12 hours/week

**Apply via email: with your portfolio/ resume with the subject line: “DE Social Media.” Short-listed candidates will be given a short paid test to gauge compatibility.

—This role is a fantastic opportunity for those who are passionate about social media and travel. It offers a platform to showcase creativity and strategic thinking in digital content creation and management.