30+ Best Jobs For People Who Love Traveling

A large portion of today’s population would love nothing more than to work and travel at the same time. While there is nothing inherently wrong with a 9-5 job, it’s not something that many people would willingly choose. That goes double for those that prefer to see the world while they earn a salary. In fact, there are a lot of getting paid to travel jobs that just about anybody can do. In many cases, you can find a job abroad without experience, which can absolutely change your life for the better.

Below, you can find 30 ways to make money while traveling.


  1. Flight Attendant

Working as a flight attendant is a great job for those who love to travel. There are many benefits to the job such as travel perks, multi-day layovers in different cities around the world and more. You will gain experience on the job which you will be able to use in the future as well as new skill sets such as learning CPR, customer service skills and maybe even learn a second language. While the jet-lag, random hours, and the occasional difficult passenger can feel overwhelming, the benefits are downright great.


  1. Cruise Ship Worker

In most cases, working on a cruise ship is one of those jobs that require international travel. They’re one of the few jobs that offer tremendous amounts of freedom, and they teach you how to work and travel at the same time. The ships are usually very large, which means there’s space for every kind of service imaginable. You don’t have to work as a server because you could work as an entertainer or a consultant.

Whether you're just starting our your career or dreaming of quitting your job to travel the world, here are thirty job ideas for those who love to travel!

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  1. Travel Agent

If you’re looking for a job that allows you to work while traveling, then you should consider becoming a travel agent. These days, many people are turning to travel agents to learn about new and exciting destinations to visit. The best part about becoming a travel agent is that you don’t necessarily need the experience to get started as you can start as an assistant and work your way up the ladder.


  1. Customer Service Agent

On first glance, this seems impossible. However, customer service is switching to digital and is now one of those careers that allow traveling. This means that all you need is a constant internet connection to interact with clients and in some cases a calm voice. The rest is you traveling around the world.


  1. International Aid Worker

Helping different destinations around the world that are in dire need of help is a very noble cause. You can even work this job abroad without experience, and in many cases, that’s actually encouraged. It might not be a glamorous job, but it comes with a full salary and housing, and it’s one of the most unique ways to work around the world.


  1. Foreign Service Officer

Traveling while serving your country is always great. As a Foreign Service officer, you’d be stationed in a foreign country’s government, and tasked with specific things like immigration or disaster aid. This is one of the best traveling jobs for couples, as it allows both to travel together and focus on their own specific interests too.


  1. Consultant

People that are hired as consultants usually have specific knowledge that a specific company needs. It’s a modern way of combining traveling and working because a lot of the times you’d move between companies. This usually happens in modern industries like IT or engineering. Working as a consultant is one of the best traveling jobs that pay well.


  1. English Teacher

Becoming an English teacher is very achievable if you have a Bachelor’s degree. Many long-term travelers tend to pick up contract jobs as English teachers to fund their travels. If your plan is to travel and work along the way in order to save money for future trips, becoming a teacher is a great way to do so. Finding your first job as an English teacher is the tough part but once you gain experience finding future gigs should be no issue at all.


  1. Au Pair

This is one of the best ways to work your job abroad without any experience. Au pairs are generally young women that are good with children. They live with host families and look after their children, either for anything related to school, or basic childcare. Work like this is one of the best job opportunities abroad without experience, especially if you don’t mind living with a host family.


  1. Tour Guide

Similar as with travel agents, tour guides are almost necessary for tourists to grasp the bigger picture. Many tour guides even operate as freelancers, so if you’re looking for jobs that require travel and pay well, then look no further. It’s great that you can also switch to different locations so that you can always be in the high season no matter where you go. TIP: Step up your game as a tour guide and use travel blogs with topics as ‘Most beautiful streets in London’.


  1. Writer

Writing is one of those careers that allow you to travel, especially if you enjoy writing about different and exotic destinations. Either working as a freelancer or for one publication or another, there are many writing jobs with international travel included. From reporting to writing travel pieces, with writing anything is possible.

If you want to be your own boss, find inspiration online and try a (free) guide on how to start a blog. Know that it takes a great amount of time and effort before a new travel site can take off.

Dream of traveling the world for a living? We've got thirty career ideas for you to get paid to travel the world!


  1. Ski Instructor

If you have a love for the great outdoors, and for the snowy peaks of the mountains, then this is the job for you. It’s one of those jobs you can do while traveling because they generally pay well, and you can even change hemispheres once the weather gets warm.

Want to get paid to travel the world? Here are thirty job ideas that will get you traveling for a living!

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  1. Engineer

Computer and engineering skills are some of the most sought-after skills today. Plus, these types of jobs are usually offered as remote positions which will allow you to be able to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a reliable Internet connection. A lot of companies all around the world regularly look for experts in engineering fields, and they often have a lot of travel benefits.


  1. Scuba Diving Instructor

There are plenty of travel around the world jobs, but few can compare to a scuba diving instructor. Diving is always a thrilling and exciting thing to do, and when it’s coupled with teaching, then it becomes something amazing. The world has a lot of fantastic spots for diving and seeing the faces of new students that have just witnessed the wonders of underwater life never gets old.

Becoming a scuba diving instructor is just one of the many jobs to get paid to travel the world!


  1. Athletic Recruiter

It might not be one of the flashiest careers where you travel, but athletic recruitment is very rewarding. If you know a game inside-out, then you’ll enjoy traveling to different sporting events, or schools, or colleges to recruit upcoming talent. Depending on the sport, this may be an ideal job for any person wanting to travel.


  1. Construction Manager

While not as travel-heavy as many other jobs, a construction manager can still go to different locations around the world to help with construction. It’s one of those jobs where you can travel, but there’s also a focus on a single location.


  1. Event Coordinator

This type of job is the best for those that want to work their abroad without any experience. That means that they can officially help with planning any and all sorts of events, and learn new things along the way. Of course, experienced people are always welcome, but in most cases, people that haven’t worked as event coordinators are usually accepted as assistants.


  1. Peace Corps Volunteer

As the title of this job implies, volunteering doesn’t include large salaries or maybe even an overly luxurious life. However, you’ll always be given housing and enough funds to have a decent living. If you want to travel and work abroad, and experience every facet of life around the world, then this is the perfect job to try.


  1. Retail Buyer

This is arguably the best job for a fashionista, or for a person that can’t get enough of travel. This job would require the person to go to different stores across the country or the globe and to identify consumer trends. Sometimes they’d go to vendor meetings, or maybe manage in-store inventory. All in all, it’s one of the jobs that require a lot of travel and feel very rewarding too.


  1. Stagehand

There are many theater productions and musicians that travel across the country and even the world. In many cases, they require extra stagehands. The job itself might not be glamorous, but it allows extra insight in the life of the talented performers. Working this job abroad without experience is a great way to grow as a person, and to learn new sets of skills along the way.


  1. Traveling Nurse

Medicine can also be one of those careers that involve traveling. As long as you don’t mind to work while traveling, then being a nurse can be a great boost. You probably won’t have a lot of say in where you’ll go, as you’ll be sent to where there’s a great need for nurses. Travel and housing expenses will be covered, and the benefits are usually great.


  1. Social Media

Working in social media is one of the world’s most modern jobs. The job can be done from anywhere, and almost at any time. You can easily work around the world, and enjoy seeing the beautiful sights of the planet. Whether you plan on doing some fashion blogging, or maybe managing social media accounts, it’s still a great choice in profession. Scared you can’t get into the field, because you don’t have experience? Try an internship abroad while traveling for a win-win. For instance a grassroots NGO for Volunteering Nepal aka VSN has positions available at all times.


  1. Bartending

Bartending is one of the most unique travel abroad jobs. The technical know-how might not be that hard, but it’s the social skills that count the most. It’s always great to know a second language, but in many main tourist centers, English is widely spoken. In cases like that, bartending will be a great profession to take upon to help sustain your travels.

Traveling the world for a living is now easier than ever! Want to get an idea of what kind of jobs you can get to travel the world forever? Here's a list of thirty of them!


  1. Freelance Translator

This is actually one of the best careers for travel. Translating is always paid well, and if you’re fluent in another language or two, then you can earn a lot of money doing it. You don’t even have to aim towards something super official, like the United Nations, or embassies. You could try to translate menus for restaurants, for example. Translators are always needed online.


  1. Hostel Housekeeping

For many traveling jobs no experience is required. That’s why housekeeping in a hostel is a great idea. They rarely pay large sums of money, but you can almost indefinitely stay for free for a long time. You can even move to a different branch in a different city after a while. Many hostels will start treating you like an actual employee, even if you don’t officially work there. Housekeepers are generally much respected in hostels.


  1. Traveling Fitness Instructor

If you’re looking for jobs that require travel with no experience under your belt, a traveling fitness instructor is always a fine idea. As long as you have a decent understanding of fitness, you can pretty much apply anywhere at any time. There are plenty of resorts that will have fully equipped gyms for classes, and they offer good accommodations too.

Want to get paid to travel? Here are thirty job titles that will help you live a life of travel!

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  1. Massage Therapy

There’s always a need for massage therapy in every corner of the world. If you believe yourself skilled enough, then you can certainly try to strike out on your own, or maybe even team up with a larger company. This is one of those jobs that involve travel, and you’ll be seeing a lot of different places.


  1. Freelance Graphic Designer

Working as a freelance graphic designer is a smart move in today’s world. It’s a smart job that requires a keen eye, a laptop, and an internet connection. It’s one of the best jobs with international travel involved, though not always because it’s part of the work. Sometimes because you just can, and sometimes because you’ll be looking for some inspiration.


  1. Day Trading

While this type of work has a lot of potential, it’s rarely recommended to work this job abroad without experience. It usually takes a couple of years of small loses before you learn the ropes. After that, trading on the market becomes second nature, and even if you don’t strike it big immediately, it could very much become your first and only job.


  1. Traveling Street Vendor

There are a lot of creative people in the world that make a decent living selling handmade trinkets. After a while, working this job abroad without experience will turn you into a seasoned salesperson, which in turn can make your life a very comfortable one.


There are many traveling jobs hiring now, no experience required. It might take you some time to find out what you’ll be suited for the most, but there’s always an opportunity for anybody out there.

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