Most Photogenic Spots in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a city that will truly take your breath away.

Picture a buzzing urban center with one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature serving as its backdrop. Flanking the shores are white sand beaches caressed by ice-blue waters. Everywhere you look, you’ll see jagged mountains, manicured gardens, an array of nature.

Here, you can find fresh eats, lively nightlife, and captivating street art. The people are vibrant, activities are abundant, and scenery is second to none. Cape Town is truly a city that has everything, and you won’t be able to stop taking photos while you’re there.

Your Instagram page is ready, so where do you start? Coming from someone who is currently spamming her social media friends with Cape Town pics, I’ve got some recommendations for you!

Here are the most Instagrammable spots in Cape Town, South Africa. You can leave the filter at home.

Spot some dolphins and enjoy the views along the seaside for some of the best Instagrammable spots in Cape Town

Image by @kelliepaxian

Along the seaside

If you walk along Cape Town’s water’s edge, you will be treated to incredible views all along the way. Cape Town truly does take your breath away at every angle, so be prepared to keep snapping photos along your stroll. You might even spot some paragliders soaring overhead.

Along your walk, make sure to savor the fresh ocean air, and stop to wiggle your toes in the powdery sand. You may even be able to spot some dolphins frolicking off in the distance, especially in Granger Bay. As you’re strolling and stopping for photo opps, Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, and the Twelve Apostles create the iconic cliff backdrops that your Instagram page needs oh so badly.

Lion’s Head

No trip to Cape Town would be complete without hiking Lion’s Head; it’s a rite of passage for visitors, and some adventurous locals, multiple times per week. A short hike that is easily accessible from the city, it’s a perfect option to work into your regular routine.

To experience Lion’s Head in all its glory, Uber to the base of the mountain about an hour and a half before the sun is set to rise. From here, get ready for a trek involving ladders, chains, and ledges as you make your way to the top. At the summit, you’ll witness the city twinkling into daylight below you, as the beautiful ocean surrounds you and Table Mountain stands tall in all its glory. There is no better Instagram backdrop, I can promise you this.

Lion's Head in South Africa is not only fit for the perfect hike, but bring your camera too - it's one of the best instagrammable spots in Cape Town

Image by @kelliepaxian

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Boulders Beach

Bet you didn’t think you were going to see penguins in Africa, did you?! Boulders Beach is one of the top places to view penguins on the continent, and these dapper little guys are guaranteed to bring the double-taps to your photos.

Pay the admission fee to get into the main entrance, and you will see tons of the little tuxedo-wearers chillin’ in the grassy hills and on the beach. They will capture your heart with each waddle. Pro tip: if you follow the walkway along the seaside, and maneuver your way up, over, and through the boulders, you may be able to escape the crowds and find your own private penguin paradise. There ain’t no photobomb like a penguin photobomb.

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From a helicopter

I was lucky enough to experience a helicopter tour of the Cape Peninsula, and it was one of the most epic experiences of my life. This city is stunning, but when you see it from above, it brings on a whole different kind of magic.

Your tour will take you over the V&A Waterfront as you look onto Table Mountain and Lion’s Head and around the seaside of Green Point and Sea Point. You’ll be able to see the white sand beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay below, and the striking Twelve Apostles.

You will pass by rugged landscapes and crashing surf as your journey continues along to the Cape of Good Hope, the most southwestern point of continental Africa. On your way back, you will continue over the beautiful cliffs as the clouds roll over them, and you may be able to spot some little black dots as you pass over Boulders Beach — those are your penguin friends!

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A rooftop bar

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Cape Town is all about the views, and what better way to soak them in than with a cocktail in hand?

Head up to the Silo Hotel rooftop in V&A Waterfront to take in the mountains while the sun sets on the horizon and watch the city sparkle.

You can also check out the rooftop bars on the trendy Kloof Street, or the ritzy Camps Bay. Long Street, known for its party scene, is lined with bars and restaurants with patios for patrons to sit outside and soak in the atmosphere. Chances are, if you’re at a rooftop bar in Cape Town, the area is buzzing and the vibes are on point.

Mix sunsets with a roof top bar and you have one of the most Instagrammable spots in Cape Town - like here at the Silo Hotel

Image by @kelliepaxian

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Okay, you might sense a theme here, but a bird’s eye view really is the best vantage point for the stunner that is Cape Town. Adventurous travelers absolutely need to experience paragliding off of Signal Hill or Lion’s Head for epic views of the city, that translate fabulously into pictures.

Head up to the mountaintop when the wind is just right (give yourself a couple of days to get it right, because the wind in Cape Town is very finicky!). Reputable companies like Skywings will be able to take care of you from there, and your guide will take you up, up, and away. You may black out with excitement, but don’t worry, you will likely have the option to purchase GoPro images and footage to relive the experience over and over again!

No view is better than a bird's eye view, so go paragliding and grab one of the top instagrammable spots in Cape Town while at it

Image by @kelliepaxian


As a former township and the home of the Cape Malay, the historical significance of Bo-Kaap should not be overlooked. Today, the neighborhood represents both a cultural emblem and a photographer’s paradise — just take one look at the colourful buildings and you’ll see why. There’s good reason why Bo-Kaap tops all list for most Instagrammable spots in Cape Town.

Bo-Kaap’s vibrantly colored buildings have the vibes of London’s Notting Hill, Guatemala’s charming town of Antigua, or Cuba’s Trinidad. You can even pose by the signature old school blue car for vibes of Old Havana. But something that Bo-Kaap has that these places can’t promise? Table Mountain peeking up in the background, of course!

Topping high on any list of Instagrammable spots in Cape Town: the vibrant colors of Bo Kaap speak for themselves

Image by @kelliepaxian

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Your Instagram audience loves some colourful huts, and they can’t deny it. A popular beach for surfers, Muizenberg boasts a long sandy stretch and crashing waves, but the main draw for Instagrammers has to be the colourful beach huts.

While you’re in the area, check out some of the surf shops and restaurants across the street — it’s definitely worth spending a day soaking in the laid-back surfer vibes here!

Beach huts in all colors, what's not to love? It makes Muizenberg one of the top Instagrammable Spots in Cape Town

Image by @kelliepaxian

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Now you’re all set for your trip to #CapeTown!

While Instagram is a fantastic way to document your travel memories and share them with friends and family back home, don’t forget that the most important part about travelling is to live in the moment. You’ve dedicated your time and money to this trip, so make sure to see the world from your eyes, not your screen. Get that ‘gram, but make sure to soak in the magic IRL as well.

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