Best Camping Grounds in Auckland

Looking for the best camping grounds in Auckland? We have you covered!

Auckland is a can’t-miss destination on your campervan adventure across New Zealand. With beautiful beaches and breathtaking views around every corner, finding a place to pitch your tent in Auckland is easy, and there are so many great options. 

Whether you want to wake up to the sound of crashing waves or singing birds, Auckland has a campsite for you. And with Auckland campervan hire readily available, getting around to all these incredible locations is a breeze.

Looking for the camping grounds in Auckland? This epic guide has you covered.

As you explore the best camping grounds in Auckland, take some time to appreciate the natural wonders that surround you. Breathe in the fresh air, relax to the sound of rustling leaves, and let your stresses melt away. 

The Best Auckland Camping Grounds

Pitch your tent, roll out your sleeping bag, build a crackling campfire, and get ready for adventure, relaxation, and creating lifelong memories.

Muriwai Beach

Kick things off right by camping on the black sands of Muriwai Beach. As you watch the sun dip below the Tasman Sea, you’ll witness one of Auckland’s best sunsets. The black iron cliffs provide a striking backdrop with their layers upon layers built up over millennia. 

Close by is a gannet nesting colony, where you can observe these large seabirds gliding through the sky. The sounds of the ocean waves will lull you into a peaceful sleep to be ready for surfing, swimming, kayaking, and beach walking the next day. 

With both remote and serviced sites available, Muriwai Beach has options for every camper.

Looking for the camping grounds in Auckland? This epic guide has you covered.

Shakespear Regional Park

Shakespear Regional Park can’t be beaten for its beautiful ocean views wrapped in native forest. As you wind along the hillsides to your campsite, you’ll be overwhelmed by the vibrant green ferns, twisting Pohutukawa trees, and colorful flowers. 

Find a spot to pitch your tent where you can watch the boats sail across Whangaparaoa Bay. The night sky lights up here without interference from city lights, allowing you to gaze at the stars. Listen for kiwi birds calling as you drift off to sleep. 

When you wake, lace up your hiking boots to explore short walking tracks to hidden beaches, World War II tunnels, and lookout points.

Tāwharanui Regional Park

Get back to nature at Tāwharanui Regional Park, with its remote campground accessible only by walking or cycling. 

As you traverse steep hills and valleys, you’ll work up a thirst and appetite to savor at the ‘Green Camp’ in this ecological restoration site. Native bird life abounds, with bellbirds singing throughout the forest. Join a ranger-guided walk to learn about the regeneration efforts bringing endangered species back from the brink. 

With over three miles of white sand beach, you’ll find tranquility strolling along the shores. Or paddle out into the marine reserve for excellent snorkeling amongst schools of fish. At Tāwharanui, you’ll experience Auckland nature at its finest.

Ark In The Park

After scaling stairs to the pyramid-shaped tent, you’ll be engulfed in comfort, with a cozy bed, electricity, and sweeping views of the Waitakere Ranges. 

During the day, lace up your hiking boots for bush walks through the native forest. Listen for the endemic breeze wreck call or spot a rare native long-tailed bat. At night, relax on your private deck with local wines and cheeses. 

Ark in the Park’s one-of-a-kind glamping opportunity allows you to enjoy Auckland’s incomparable wilderness responsibly.

Kuaotunu Campground

On the eastern coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, Kuaotunu Campground’s beachfront sites afford stunning views across Mercury Bay. With Mount Moehau as a backdrop, towering kauri trees provide shade as you drift off to sleep to the sound of waves gently lapping the shoreline. 

Wake early to watch the sunrise cast golden hues over coastal cliffs while enjoying coffee around the campfire.

Spend your days strolling to nearby Luke’s Kitchen for fish and chips, browsing Kuaotunu Village’s art galleries and craft shops. With both powered and non-powered sites available, Kuaotunu Campground is ideal for relaxing amidst Coromandel beauty.

Pollok Wharf

Pollok Wharf campground allows quick access to Auckland while providing a peaceful nature escape. Gaze out at yachts and small boats gently rocking by your tent site, with views across the Manukau Harbour toward Mangere Mountain.

Spot native birds like herons, shags, and pied stilts fishing along the riverbanks as you drift off to sleep. Spend sunny days stand-up paddleboarding upriver through the wildlife reserve with its tranquil scenes of wetlands and native bush.

Visit nearby vineyards savoring chardonnay and pinot gris before grabbing classic Kiwi fish and chips from the local shop to enjoy back at your campsite. With Pollok Wharf’s perfect blend of accessibility and nature, you get the best of all worlds making it one of the best camping grounds in Auckland.

Looking for the camping grounds in Auckland? This epic guide has you covered.

Best Seasons for Camping in Auckland

When planning your camping trip in Auckland, timing is everything. You’re probably wondering when the weather will be just right for that outdoor escape. Here’s the lowdown:

Summer (December – February): This is prime time for camping, thanks to the warm and sunny days. Beachfront campsites are particularly inviting, giving you perfect opportunities to swim, surf, and soak up the sun.

  • Average temperatures: 20-25°C (68-77°F)
  • Pros: Long, sunny days; ideal beach weather
  • Cons: Popular sites get crowded; book in advance!

Autumn (March – May): Milder temperatures set in and the crowds thin out. It’s a sweet spot if you prefer a bit of peace and serenity on your camping trips.

  • Average temperatures: 17-20°C (62-68°F)
  • Pros: Cooler, comfortable weather; less crowded
  • Cons: Shorter days; possible wet weather

Winter (June – August): You’ll find the chillier climate offers a different kind of outdoor experience. Just make sure to pack layers and prepare for rain.

  • Average temperatures: 10-15°C (50-59°F)
  • Pros: Very few crowds; lush, green scenery
  • Cons: Colder and wetter; not all sites may be open

Spring (September – November): Nature wakes up, and so does the camping scene. Spring showers are common, but so are stunning blooms.

  • Average temperatures: 13-18°C (55-64°F)
  • Pros: Spring flora; warming weather
  • Cons: Unpredictable rainfalls; variable temperatures

Pro tip: Always pack a variety of clothing options to handle Auckland’s fickle weather.

Looking for the camping grounds in Auckland? This epic guide has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

When planning your camping trip around Auckland, you’ll find spots with stunning beach views, family-friendly grounds, and plenty of amenities. Here’s a concise guide to answering your top queries.

Where’s the coolest spot to camp on the beach near Auckland?

For a beach camping experience, check out the Pae o te Rangi campground in the Waitākere Regional Park. It offers a serene environment close to Te Henga Road and has access to beautiful trails and beaches.

What are the top campgrounds north of Auckland with the best views?

North of Auckland, you can set up camp at the Poukaraka Flats Campground on Waiheke Island. It’s a quiet campsite with basic amenities, offering scenic bay views within the Whakanewha Regional Park.

Any recommendations for family-friendly camping sites in Auckland?

For a family-friendly camping experience, many of Auckland’s holiday parks offer great facilities like playgrounds and safe swimming areas. These sites often provide additional conveniences such as kitchen facilities and laundry.

Can you list some DOC campsites with great facilities close to Auckland?

The Department of Conservation (DOC) offers a range of campsites with well-maintained facilities. Tāwharanui Regional Park is one such location that combines the beauty of a marine reserve with the comforts of a well-facilitated campsite.

How do I find campgrounds in Auckland with powered sites?

To find campgrounds with powered sites, look towards holiday parks in the region. They typically offer powered sites alongside other amenities to cater to your electrical needs.

What’s the best way to locate a pet-friendly camping spot in Auckland?

For pet-friendly camping spots, research is key. A number of regional parks allow dogs with certain restrictions. Always check the specific rules of a campground online or contact them directly to ensure they accommodate pets.

Final Thoughts

Auckland overflows with spectacular campsites where you can connect with nature’s beauty and comfortably rest under starry night skies. As you explore black sand shores and drift off to waves gently lapping on the beach, you’ll create lifelong memories. So, hit the open road with your campervan and experience Auckland’s wealth of camping locations.

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