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The Most Instagrammable Places in Amsterdam: A Local’s Guide

Are you looking for Amsterdam Instagram spots? We have you covered with this epic list.

Alas, the famous ‘I AMsterdam sign’ has been taken down, and all travel Influencers are crying themselves to sleep. How else can you show Instagram that you’ve visited one of Europe’s most visited gorgeous cities?

Well, fear not, because Amsterdam is one of the most photogenic cities in Europe. The old city center has many different ‘folk’ neighborhoods, each with a slightly different vibe.

Looking for Amsterdam instagram spots? We have you covered with this epic list.

The key is to help you find the mix of famous sights and quiet alleys that show how Amsterdam truly vibes. For this, we’ve created this extensive list of the most Instagrammable places in Amsterdam!

This extensive list features some of Amsterdam’s most stunning buildings. Please wear your most comfortable pair of shoes, and let’s head out.

The hidden Amsterdam Instagram Spots

Hidden courtyards ( Begijnhof): Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, the Begijnhof is a hidden gem, a serene oasis that feels like a step back in time. This charming courtyard, surrounded by historic houses and blooming gardens, is a whimsical whisper from the past in the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle.

Oude Hoogstraat 22 – A mere 2,02 meters wide, the canal house on this address is the smallest house in Amsterdam. Almost three hundred years old, its located in the old center.

Het Schip: Located in a residential neighborhood. Rent a bicycle, and you’re there in ten minutes.

The famous Amsterdam instagrammable places​

Pathé Tuschinski – Often credited as the most beautiful cinema in the world, the Art Deco mix is gorgeous inside and out. The street is big enough but bring a wide-angle lens for the best shot.

Narrow houses of Damrak – Famous for its row of narrow, leaning houses, standing shoulder-to-shoulder like a set of colorful, tipsy dominoes waiting for a nudge. These slender, charming buildings, with their gabled facades and quirky angles, are a delightful testament to the city’s historic architecture and its clever use of limited urban space.

Hortus Botanicus – One of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. Its glass dome makes it simply magical.

As one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, the beautiful Hortus Botanicus definitely made our list of Most Instagrammable Places in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Central Station: Not just a transportation hub; it’s an architectural marvel, a grand, ornate gateway that welcomes visitors to the city with its Gothic-Renaissance facade and intricate details.

Dam Square (pigeons, palace, Bijenkorf): The bustling heart of Amsterdam is a lively mosaic of cooing pigeons, the majestic Royal Palace, and the iconic Bijenkorf department store, all set against a backdrop of historic buildings and buzzing city life.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam: A 17th-century landmark situated on Dam Square, this is a sandstone building that has unique architectural features, such as a domed cupola that has a weathervane in the shape of a cog ship! There are also sculptures from Greek mythology throughout the façade of the palace.

These stunning Amsterdam instagram spots are perfect for all photographers looking to explore the city via their camera or phone.

Canals: The famous confluence at the Meerdere Kanalenpunt, and the elegant Prinsengracht and Herengracht, weave through the city like shimmering ribbons, lined with charming houses and blooming flowers, reflecting the city’s beauty and history.

The statues in Rembrandt Square: The life-size bronze figures that recreate the famous painting “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt van Rijn. Also an excellent place to grab a bite or drink after.

Rijksmuseum and Museumsquare – The art inside the gigantic Rijksmuseum speaks for itself, but if you don’t have time for a visit, the outside and its arcs won’t disappoint. In the summertime, head to the fountains in its backyard (facing Museum Square).

You can stand in the middle, with a circle of water surrounding you, without getting wet. Museumsquare is a must in winter when an ice rank pops up, which includes a lift bridge in the style of the 1800s.

These stunning Amsterdam instagram spots are perfect for all photographers looking to explore the city via their camera or phone.

Flower market: In all honesty, the flower market in Amsterdam makes for an OK visit, but it’s not the prettiest place around. It’s an easy visit, located a 2-minute walk away.

Red Light District: Bring a tripod, as it’s hard to capture the essence during day time, but prepare yourself for the crowds. Move towards the Old Church for a few more quiet streets. Be nice, and don’t photograph the ladies.

Leaning houses: They. Are. Everywhere. Just walk around in the old city center, and you’ll find dozens.

Rijksmuseum Library: Books on books on books, with Gothic arches and ceilings, this is one of the most stunning places to take a photo in the whole of Amsterdam.

There are over 700,000 items, including books, drawings, and paintings, and it is a relaxing place to sit for a while on a day walking through the city. 

The weird Amsterdam instagrammable places​

A’dam Lookout Tower: After a renovation in 2016, this tower immediately went viral worldwide: they had built-in swings that literally take you over the edge, towering 100 meters over the river IJ. Absolute must.

Cat Museum: Architecture, strange arts, medieval paintings, and a sleeping cat as an accessory. What more can you ask for?

Stage a picnic in one of the many parks: Locals gather en masse in parks as soon as one ray of sunshine pops out, and so should you. In the summertime, parks such as Vondelpark and Westerpark are the scene of many birthday parties, yoga sessions, and public BBQs.

Bring your rug and stage a picnic. The Westerpark is especially good; you’ll find company in many storks and ducks beside a relatively quiet canal.

Albert Cuyp Market: Talking about storks, head to the famous local Albert Cuyp market around closing time. This is when many gigantic seagulls and a few dozen storks take over the street in search of leftover fish, and they are oddly unafraid of humans coming near. The market is open from Mon-Sat, 8am-5pm.

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Laura Dols store: This vintage store is in the Nine Streets (Wolvenstraat 7). Head downstairs for hundreds of dresses fit for weddings, theater, the fifties or even the roaring 20’s. Dress up, slide in an arm chair and get the ultimate fashion shot.

The Sex Museum – Enough said.

Zaandam is technically outside of Amsterdam, but only a 10 minute train ride away, it still is top of our list of Instagrammable places in Amsterdam

Zaanse huisjes: These charming houses are known for their distinctive green wooden facades, steep roofs, and ornate gables, reflecting the architectural style unique to this area of the Netherlands. Zaanse Schans, a picturesque village that recreates a Dutch landscape from the 17th and 18th centuries, is not only home to these iconic houses but also to historic windmills and craft workshops.

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The further-away Amsterdam instagrammable places​

While not directly in Amsterdam, these stunning sights are a short ride away. We highly recommend venturing out if it’s the right time of the year for you.

These stunning Amsterdam instagram spots are perfect for all photographers looking to explore the city via their camera or phone.

Tulip fields: Though not in Amsterdam, they’re easy enough to visit. They are typically in bloom from mid-April to early May.

The architectural Amsterdam Instagram Spots

Zevenlandenhuizen: Fairly close to the Rijksmuseum and well worth the quick stop. This street shows buildings built in the style of seven magical countries. We can’t decide our favorite: the mint-colored door for France or the Spanish house that resembles a candy cane.

Art, bars, vintage and tons of graffiti make the industrial arrea NDSM Warf a highly cool photo opp for your Instagram pictures in Amsterdam

NDSM Wharf : Empty buildings on this industrial terrain have slowly turned these old docks into a breeding ground for local artists. The area is filled with street art, including a huge one of Anne Frank. The free ferry from Central Station will take you there in 10 minutes.

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Oersoep: A new passage on the famous Damrak street, filled with mosaic. Style your picture with a €1 ice cream from ‘Van der Linde’ next door – coincidentally, the BEST soft serve in the world. Truly. They taste like clouds, so no wonder it’s one of our favorite Amsterdam Instagram spots.

Eye Filmmuseum: Only a short (and free) ferry away from Central Station. Situated across the river, the Eye is an architectural masterpiece and a dream for whoever enjoys minimalism.

The foodie Amsterdam instagrammable places​

What do you get when you combine delicious and cute-looking food with the picturesque backgrounds of the canals? That’s right, you get some of the most instagrammable places in Amsterdam.

Images via: @vanwonderenstroopwafels

Van Wonderen Stroopwafels: There is a reason why this is one of the most popular Amsterdam Instagram spots- this beautiful little shop makes artisan versions of the famous Dutch caramel cookie

Tony Chocoloney store: A Dutch brand, Tony Chocoloney is one of the best chocolate brands ever tasted (and fair trade). They have two locations with a cool rainbow-colored wall up to the ceiling, made from their colorful wrappers.

Take a photo while snacking on all the samples. You’ll find them on the Westergasfabriek terrain (Pazzanistraat 1) or their Superstore underneath the Beurs van Berlage, along the famous Damrak street. Extra motivation: both areas are photogenic beauties in their own right.

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Other Instagrammable spots in Amsterdam

Nine Streets: Hop in one of the many vintage clothing stores, such as Episode. Perfect for those looking for a fun vintage vibe.

The Wall Gallery: Find the “Wake me up when I’m famous” wall art with its bench at the Frans Halsstraat 64-66. While at it, its neighborhood, De Pijp, is filled with other beauties and is famous for resonating with an ‘authentic Amsterdam’ style. Bonus: many cats sleeping in the windows.

Westerkerk: The Wester Church can be seen towering over the city, with an 85-metre high bell tower. There is a grand organ above the entrance and traditional Flemish painted panels inside, but what makes for a great photo is of Westerkerk above the canals from a few short steps away.

The Moco Museum: A must-visit attraction for any art lovers, the museum showcases contemporary works of art from both well-known artists and those upcoming in the art world. The pieces are displayed to be photographed easily, and the angular structure of the building is also a good backdrop for a photo outside. 

Oude Kerk: The oldest church in Amsterdam dates back to 1213, featuring stained glass windows and a large medieval roof.

The Oudekerksplein Square is a great place for a photo opportunity and to explore the sculptures dedicated to Amsterdam’s history of prostitution. 

Looking for Amsterdam instagram spots? We have you covered with this epic list.

Prinsengracht (Prince’s Canal): One of the most famous locations for photographs in Amsterdam, take a photo from the pedestrian bridge and you’ll have the canal, boats, potted plants, bicycles, and quirky buildings all in one perfect shot. 

Sint Olofssteeg: What makes this location unique in Amsterdam is that you can get a clear shot of the corner of the street and canal without any pedestrian street around the building.

This makes for some potentially interesting reflections and illusions of light and water with structures looking like they are floating on the water. 

Now, it’s good to remember that some of these Amsterdam Instagram spots do get extremely busy with all the visitors, so always be sure to arrive as early as you can to get your shot or find something fun to occupy your time as you wait for the chance to take your snap and get the post on Instagram.

This could be as simple as playing some of the most popular live casino games in the Netherlands or a good old game of Tetris while waiting.

Amsterdam is a photographer’s dream and its ancient streets are our favorite model. So pack up your flowy dresses and go!

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