Let’s face it- most of us have an addiction when it comes to our phones. That doesn’t, however, mean that we can’t use it to our advantage when we’re on the road especially with these 9 best travel apps. They cover everything from currency exchange to flight delays, and almost everything else you can possibly need on the road.

Best Travel Apps

Here are the 9 best travel apps that you need for your next trip:

1. PackPoint: 

Going somewhere in the offseason and have no idea what to pack? PackPoint to the rescue! Answer a few questions about where, when and how long, and you’ll an personalized packing list that’s going to save you time, money, and the headache of lugging a bunch of things that you won’t around.

2. WiFi Finder

There’s not more frustrating than not being to track down WiFi when you need it. That’s one of the reason why WiFi Finder is a must have as it helps you not only find the closest free hotspot, but gives you an address and phone number too.


3. Foodspotting

Want to eat where the locals eat? How about trying tried and tested dishes so you don’t have to try your luck in a new places? How about having all of that sorted by what’s close to you? Meet Foodspotting! It is one of the best travel apps as it does all of that and more!

4. XE Currency

There’s nothing worse than landing in a country and not being sure of what the exchange rate is- especially in those random European countries that doesn’t use the Euro. XE Currency helps you figure out the latest exchange rates so you don’t over or under pay ever again! No wonder it’s on every best travel apps list out there.

5. Uber

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Ever need in a cab in a different city, and can’t track one down? Uber is one of the best tools to use.  Available in 52 countries with the same account and credit card, you never have to worry about figuring what to pay, tip etc.

6. Google Translate

Although not the perfect solution, Google translate is great to have when you’re struggling to communicate properly, and need a bit of help.

7. Trover

Want the visual beauty of Pinterest but with handy tips on how to get the most of each location? Trover lets you do that. It’s the perfect combination of planning and discovery, and great way to find hidden gems. No wonder it’s popping up on all the best travel apps list around.

8. Hotel Tonight

The perfect app when you need a hotel last minute (although you can book up to a week in advance), and want the best deal. This a great app for getting the best deal on higher end hotels. All you need to do is pick what city you’re in, and you’ll see a list of the best hotels around. We love the idea that it takes the stress out of planning last minute getaways.

9. TripIt

While pen and paper are still a great way to keep track of all your travel plans, TripIt takes it a step further and builds an itinerary really easily. No need to track down multiple emails, and phones when one of the best travel apps does it all for you.


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