7 Things That You Need To Pack For A Beach Vacation

With summer finally here, we’re all hitting the beach like it’s going out of style. And why wouldn’t we? Being cooped up during the winter makes us crave the summer heat like nothing else.

7 Things That You Need To Pack For A Beach Vacation

That’s why the urge to quickly pack and hit the beach whenever the weather looks promising  is such an urge. The problem ends up being that we don’t always have the time to properly think through what we need to have on hand on the next beach-y retreat.

Fear not, our lovely friends,  as we’ve put together a cheat-proof list of the 7 things that you need to pack for a beach vacation.


We can’t stress the having sunscreen on at all times enough. And just the healthy glow doesn’t mean that you need to be irresponsible to your health. Wear sunscreen. Period. There are tons of non-sticky clear  options on the market these days. Find one that works for you and reapply it often. We like the


Sunglasses are your best friend on the beach. Not only do they stop you from squinting in the sun,  but they add that cool factor allowing you to check out the scenery around you without getting caught. Our favorite glasses are still the tried and true Ray Bans.


This one is pretty much a given. Find one that makes you feel like a rockstar and pick it up in multiple colors. We have a soft spot for Triangle ones, but they are not the right fit for every body type.


Sometimes sunglasses and sunscreen don’t do enough to protect your face. Having a large brimmed hat not only protects you from the sun’s harmful rays but also stops you from getting your face burnt if you fall asleep on the beach.


Unless you luck out and are a beach with amazing eye candy, the entire point of lounging out on the sand is supposed to be to relax. And having a good book handy is a great way to do that. Regardless of whether you’re camp paperback, Kindle/KOBO or even books on tape, there’s a way for everyone to consume literature.


Do you like cleaning sand out of your shoes 3 days after? No? Bring flip-flops. Easy to dump sand out of a flat surface. And easily replaceable if you lose them in the sand. Your car and hotel room will thank you!


We’re partial to sundresses over cover-ups only because they are more versatile and can used for multiple occasions like lunch or dinner right after. Anything light and airy is perfect for the beach getaway! We tend to lean towards midi or maxi dresses, but it really is a matter of preference.

TIP: Find a dress with minimal cutouts. Because tan lines are the worst.