5 Luxury Winter Cruise Destinations You Must Visit

Whether you’re in search of heat and glorious sunshine or on a quest to find a snow-filled paradise, Winter is the perfect season to travel. But where to go?

Should you visit magical Lapland and enjoy husky rides in the scenic Arctic Circle or the bucket list item of an Antarctica Cruise, home of the winter wonderland? Or how about a relaxing getaway in Barbados, where you can recline on bright white sand and dip your toes in crystal clear waters?

Thankfully, we have the answer! You see, you don’t have to select just one. Instead, choose one of these amazing winter cruises and explore until your heart’s content.

The Mediterranean

Most plan a Mediterranean cruise in the summer months, so they can enjoy fine foods, wine and architecture in the heat. However, a winter cruise in the Med promises an incredible holiday. Plus, if you travel during the festive season, you’ll find heaps of beautifully decorated Christmas markets. As another bonus, you’ll find winter Med cruises are competitively priced, with companies like Iglu Cruise offering great deals.

5 Luxury Winter Cruise Destinations You Must Visit

Canary Islands

With perennial warm climates, contrasting deserts and mountains, white and black beaches, it’s easy to understand why this collection of volcanic islands have long attracted those in search of winter sun. Thankfully, you don’t have to whittle down seven destinations to one. Instead, you can board a winter cruise amongst the Canaries, stopping at some of the Island’s most beautiful ports.

5 Luxury Winter Cruise Destinations You Must Visit

Norway, Greenland and Iceland

A winter cruise list wouldn’t be complete without including the Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights. While many flock to capital cities to view this natural phenomenon, the best place to enjoy this green dancing display is away from the light pollution.

So, book a luxury Norwegian cruise, wrap up warm, and watch nature’s most spectacular light show from your cabin window.

South Africa

If you want a Winter break that promises sun then a cruise around South Africa could be just the ticket.

The highlight of a South African cruise has to be Cape Town, with the flat top Table Mountain, lush green spaces and beautiful beaches. What’s more, with average December temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius, you can take advantage of excursions to national parks and wine vineyards.

5 Luxury Winter Cruise Destinations You Must Visit

Asia and the Far-East

The Orient has long appealed to explorers, from those desperate to experience the buzzing cities of Hong Kong and Tokyo, to travellers in search of a remote island paradise.

With incredible cultures, delicious cuisine, ancient sites and amazing landscapes, Asia quite simply has it all. Take your pick from numerous cruises and explore Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore for an unforgettable winter escape.