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5 Great Travel Print Shops

We’re a sucker for anything travel related, and are always on the lookout for great art pieces that inspire our sense of wonder. We also some amazing ladies who take or create stunning images that hold us over until our next adventure. Here are…

January 18, 2015

Escapes: Istanbul

About the photographer: Hi, my name is Julia. I am a Swiss communication and photography student currently living in Vienna but my love of travel (and capturing those travels) keeps me on the go. One of my favourite destinations is Istanbul, a historic and…

January 18, 2015
booking cheap flights

Travel Tools: Airlines

Let’s face it, looking for flights is sometimes the hardest part of traveling. Most of us want to be able to get away for the weekend, but the thought of having to find the best prices on flights stops us. The amount of things…

January 18, 2015
2015 Travel Wish List Destinations

2015 Travel Wish List Destinations

With winter sinking its teeth in quite aggressively, it’s no wonder that we’re already dreaming of being as far away as we can be in 2015. Recently,® decided to find exactly what was on America’s travel wish list this year. While some places might…

January 14, 2015
Best Travel Apps

9 Best Travel Apps That You Need On Your Phone

Let’s face it- most of us have an addiction when it comes to our phones. That doesn’t, however, mean that we can’t use it to our advantage when we’re on the road especially with these 9 best travel apps. They cover everything from currency exchange…

January 11, 2015

Conrad Istanbul: Hotel Review

Located in the heart of Istanbul’s business district, it is a bit of a trek to get to the old part of town, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth a second look. The newly renovated beauty is just what the doctor ordered…

January 3, 2015

5 Travel Related Things That You Need To Do in 2015

Chances are that you have something related to travel on your resolutions this year. We all do. Travel is the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves, but instead of heading down south on an all-inclusive trip, here are a few ways to get…

January 3, 2015

Trump Toronto: Hotel Review

Heading to Toronto, and want to stay in the lap of luxury? Trump Toronto is one of the best options for your money.  Located right in the heart of the financial district, and steps away from downtown, Trump Toronto is perfect for work and…

January 1, 2015

Meet People in a New City

There are very few things that I enjoy more in life than travelling- it’s my way of connecting with the world. Travelling teaches me to be humble, to be courageous, to seek adventure, and most of all, to trust my gut- especially when I…

October 24, 2014

9 Surprising Reasons To Travel In The Off Season

Travel is one of those things that we tend put off thinking that we’ll get to it when we get a chance later. That isn’t always the case. The world is changing everyday in every way, and you’ll be surprised at everything you’ll learn.…

July 21, 2014